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Please welcome Bjarke!

Get to know the newest addition to the Umbraco HQ Development team!

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By the end of 2018, we were lucky to welcome Bjarke to Umbraco HQ! Bjarke is now part of the Umbraco HQ core team. Who is this Bjarke? What will he be doing at Umbraco? You’ll find out in a minute... and you’ll also find out what his favourite football club is, what he likes to put in his glass and what kind of music he likes to danc...rave to 🕺 Welcome on board, Bjarke!

My new job at Umbraco HQ!

Hello! My name is Bjarke, and I am a new senior developer at Umbraco HQ. I am part of the core team working on the Umbraco CMS and our plugins.


I am 33 years old and live in Odense with my wife Sofia, our daughter Athena and son Mathias. I have lived in Odense for the last 11 years. I grew up in a small village South of Odense, called Årslev, and moved to Odense when I became a student at the University of Southern Denmark. I graduated as Master of Science in Computer Science in 2010 and since then, I have worked as a developer and software architect.

I have always been interested in computers. I started playing with my father’s Amiga 1000, since then, I inherited his next 10 computers. I remember that the first PC only had 5 MHz. My current desktop has 6 cores running at 3 GHz. That’s more than 3500 times faster!! 😃 My father also started programming in his spare time, so that also became one of my key interests. I started making static web pages in HTML at the age of 12 and before I had my first programming lesson in school, I was already making websites using ASP.Classic.

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Right before I started at HQ, I was lucky to join a Fun Squad day where I met the rest of the team. On this day, we all tried to play curling for the first time - not a pretty sight. Since then, I have also been lucky to meet a handful of people from the community when I participated in some Umbraco Training sessions. So even though I haven't been here that long, I have definitely been thrown right into activities that have made me learn a lot more about Umbraco and the people who work here! 


Bjarke And Claus

Doing my start at HQ, I have also had a buddy assigned. My buddy is Claus. Claus helps answer all my strange questions about how different things are meant to work. A friendly buddy and a real Umbraco know-it-all 😉

In my spare time…

...I clean up after my daughter who makes everything untidy with all her toys.

Fortunately, I also find time for sports. Either from the couch, the stadium or my favourite - as a player. As a player, I like Football and Golf. Off the pitch, I’m madly in love with two football clubs that, unfortunately, just lose, lose and lose (Odense and Newcastle) 😠 But the few weekends every year where both clubs have won their game, I can walk on water!

Bjarke Football

But there’s also room for a drink and a danc...rave.

Every Thursday, I meet with my closest friends for two hours to talk while we drink a dram of whisky and a beer...or two. We all have an interest in Scottish whisky and all my favourites are from Islay. So if we ever meet and you feel like buying me a drink, you now know what will make me happy 😉

Another thing that makes me happy, and which is not very whisky related, is going to festivals. Once a year, I join a group of friends and travel to the Netherlands for one of their festivals for harder styles. I have been at more than 10 events/festivals but in the past couple of years we have preferred outdoor festivals as they end at 23 o’clock – some of us are getting old 😊


Bjarke Festival

And who knows - maybe I’ll meet some of you fellow Umbracians at one of these festivals? 😉

Or maybe I’ll meet you at one of the many Umbraco festivals 😉 I’ll definitely, see you at Codegarden 2019!



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