A donut with pink frosting on a plate next to a cup of coffee

New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Jette the Snacking Crocheter

Our enthusiastic hobbyist

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Written by Jette Møller Jensen

Hi there, my name is Jette. I’m working as a Support Warrior in the SWAT team at Umbraco which means I’ll be ready to help YOU with questions and issues related to Umbraco Cloud 😉

My professional life

I’m a medialogist with interest and knowledge within web development. My education gave me an insight into development, user experience and graphics - and I directed that towards web development 💪

I like everything about web development. It’s the design aspects, the coding aspects and what it gives people in the end.

A donut with pink frosting on a plate next to a cup of coffee

Web applications, social possibilities, or maybe just an online business card. Maybe something else entirely - I mean, the possibilities are quite broad.

Not everyone knows how to create these things, but I do, and luckily for others, I also like helping others and working with people. It gives me value and energy, along with a smile on my face. So I’m excited to have joined the SWAT team at Umbraco HQ 😎

I also like to be creative with graphics, both within 2D and 3D - look at this donut, doesn't it make you hungry?

Jette Moeller Jensen, a white woman with short blonde hair, headshot against a blue background

My personal life

I’m 28 years old and originally from Thy, on the North-West coast of Jutland, moved to Aalborg to study Medialogy at the university, and currently, I live in Vejle with my better half, Christian. By chance, I’ve really been around the country, but I don’t mind it - I love seeing new things and traveling. 

We’re thinking about getting a pet, but right now we’re trying out our strengths with our newly equipped robot vacuum cleaner that we named Robotta - so far she’s still alive, so we’re optimistic! 🤞

While she takes care of our floors, I love spending time with my boyfriend, my friends and family. I don’t mind having my whole week preoccupied outside work, if it means to spend time with my loved ones. It doesn’t really matter what we do, it doesn’t have to be something fancy - it’s the company that’s important to me. 

Fun fact: I have hearing aids, so I occasionally just mute the world 🔇

I also love playing video games, mostly on either my PC or my Switch; I really like games such as Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing, and occasionally some sort of game together with my friends - one example being that I played Overwatch quite a lot a few years back, and it was through that game that I met my better half ❤️

When I finally get away from the screen, I crochet a lot (but that’s also with a series running in the background, so am I really away from the screen?). 

It doesn’t matter what, really, bags, plushies, scarfs - the list goes on; if I find something I like, I try to make it. This summer, I finished a Kirby Plushie - by my own design.

A crocheted pink Kirby (animated character) with big eyes and red shoes

I mentioned series while I crochet - yes, I do watch A LOT of movies and series. Just whatever I feel like; currently it’s Grey’s Anatomy. I guess the only genre that I don’t watch is horror - I would like to get my sleep during the night. 

On the other end of the spectrum of sitting and relaxing, I also like being active. I have this little dream of getting in better shape - although I first have to counteract the fact that I love all things sweet. But generally, a nice walk/run or workout at the fitness center works wonders for me and my confidence. One of my favorite sports is skiing. 

And I would lie, if I said I was done here. I also do volunteer work as a webmaster for Julehjælpen, a free organization that works to bring a better Christmas to struggling families with children in Denmark. I want to make a difference and I feel like I can do that there. I love to create value for others - that gives me value 😊

So in short, I’m a bit of an all-rounder - I’m a doer. 

I can’t wait to meet you! 

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