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Friday, December 29, 2017

New hire at Umbraco HQ: Kenneth Jakobsen

My new job at Umbraco HQ

Hello my name is Kenneth Jakobsen and I’m the newest addition to the Umbraco Development team! I will be working as a senior developer on Umbraco Cloud.

Kenneth JakobsenMe at my new desk at Umbraco HQ.

I’ve been programming for most of my life and love the challenges it brings.

At 15 my fascination with the web started. I saw an awesome website on geocities and wanted to know how to make one for myself, and down the rabbit hole I went. Soon after I thought: this is fun, I should make a career out of this!

I’ve been working with CMS systems for 6 years, including Umbraco and in my previous job I have also been working with Umbraco Cloud. In my new role I get to be “on the other side” helping improve the experience, what’s not to like?

But that's not the only Umbraco "experience" I have. I’ve even been to Codegarden (the biggest Umbraco conference held annually by Umbraco HQ) the last 2 years. You never really know what to expect at this conference, other than an awesome experience and a lot of new information.

Next time (CG18), I’m really looking forward to my first CG experience as an Umbraco HQ team member. Maybe I’ll be put in a rabbit costume? Who knows 😅

Kenneth at CG17Me attending Codegarden 2017

But it's not all about coding...

I’m 34, father, husband, developer among other things.

I’ve got a son, Theo (3 years old), and one more on the way (Naming is hard!).

I currently resided to a small town called Langeskov just 10 km outside of Odense, with my wife and my kid(s). So not too far from Umbraco HQ.

I love spending my free time with a board beneath my feet. This fascination started in the early 90’s where I learned to skate.

A couple of years later I realized that I could skate on water, but alas, there are very few waves in Denmark, so I started windsurfing instead. I no longer windsurf, but I kitesurf whenever I can. The picture below is a picture of my gear. Being a nerd at heart also goes for gear which means I can spend hours upon hours researching gear and watching videos on how to nail those pesky tricks.

Surf gearMy surf-gear after at late afternoon session

In the winter I love to put a board under my feet - a snowboard. And I have just bought a board for my son so he can start having fun with dad!

SnowboardingA beautiful snowy view from the top of the mountain

I also play golf with friends and family on a non competitive level because there is nothing wrong with beer and golf!

But it’s not all sport and action for me - I’m also an avid Formula 1 watcher and has been for the better part of 10 years 🏁 I usually end up getting up at 6 on a Sunday to watch the race when they are in Asia. Yeah, I’m that dedicated 🏎️ 😉

What’s to come ?

Now you know a little more about me and my new job at Umbraco HQ . The future here seems pretty exciting.

The Umbraco D-teamMe together with my new team: The Umbraco D-team

As I started at Umbraco HQ on the 1st of December I haven’t actually been here for very long - but I’ve been given a very warm welcome. In my first week I took part in the company Christmas party. The party was a great insight into how strong a bond there is among the colleagues here at Umbraco HQ (I can reveal that some choir singing was involved… and later a bit of drunken karaoke 🎤 )

I have also joined the company football team, the infamous “Unicorns”. Everybody who feels like it joins and it’s a lot more fun than it might sound - plus, another great way to bond with my new colleagues 😉

But that’s not all - soon I’ll be getting a new title! I’m currently an Umbraco Certified Professional but from January 2018, I should (will!) be able to call myself: “Umbraco Certified Master”.

Oh, and then I’ll also be building kickass systems for you to enjoy, and hopefully meet you at CG18 😉

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