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He's new - but already, Mathias is one of the first people future hires will meet when they start at Umbraco HQ. Luckily, he's a super friendly guy 😉 Mathias is our new internal IT champ, making sure everyone at HQ got all the equipment they need to do a stellar job. And when he's not at HQ he's quite the active fellow ⛷🏄‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ Get to know Mathias:

Hi Umbracians 👋

My name is Mathias, and today I will tell you a bit about me and what I do at the Umbraco HQ, but also when I’m not at the HQ.

Mathias Buddy

Here I am, standing in the middle of my two Umbraco Buddies; Niels and Joachim. They both wanted to be my buddies, so I let them 😉

I started working at Umbraco HQ the 27th of August 2019, so I have been here for almost 2 months now, and it’s been quite fun - I have already tried to shoot my colleagues 🔫 (with an Airsoft gun, and after that we ate pork and partied all night - great fun!).

Gun Squat 2

When I'm not out shooting, I’m working as the new Umbraco internal IT assistant. That means whenever a new employee starts I have the responsibility of getting hold of all the equipment she/he needs - and later giving them a warm welcome and help them get a good start on their journey at Umbraco!

But that's just one of the many things I do here - when the IT department is silent, I’m also working as a rookie for the Umbraco communication and marketing team, COMA, where I’m right now creating videos for the Umbraco website and adds used on Youtube, Facebook etc. Hopefully, this is evolving into a lot more since this is a big passion of mine 🎥


Mathias Movie

When I’m not solving things at Umbraco HQ

When I'm not at HQ, I am a very active person and you can probably find me in fitness throwing metal around 💪

Awkwardly, I find it very nice to walk home and feel my legs hurt because I have used them!

In the summer period, I like to sail together with my parents in Svendborg. They have a boat named “Fede Dorit” (Fat Dorit) if you've ever seen the Danish cartoon “Terkel i Knibe”, you'll know 😉 🛥️

Mathias Waterski

And when winter hits, I would very much love to be located at the French Alps, with skies mounted to my feet as I have a big passion for skiing⛷️ I have been skiing for many years, first with my family in Norway and Sweden and later with friends in the French Alps. I love skiing - there’s just something about the high speed going down the slope ❤️ but don't tell my mum I do that 😂


Mathias Skiing

When I need a break in my fast-paced day, I often sit down and play World of Warcraft 🎮 I have been playing on and off since I first joined back in 2008. When I have had enough of gaming I often switch to YouTube where I watch videos about cars ❤️ I have an enormous interest in these things and one day I would love to own an Audi RS6. 

Till September 2020 I am planning on applying for Media Science at the University of Southern Denmark here in Odense 🤓, as I want to have more education to put on my CV. But the future can still change and who knows what’s up next year?

That’s all from me and my past, and future

Best regards, Mathias

- And H5YR! 😄

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