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New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Sille the Social Copywriter

Our new and super creative copywriter

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Written by Sille Kanstrup Manø

Sille is the newest copywriter on our team and has been motivated right out the gate ✍️ Born and raised in Odense where Umbraco HQ is located, Sille has tons of hobbies including music, travel, and photography. Read and say cheese 📸

Well, hello there 👋

My name is Sille Kanstrup Manø, and I just started at Umbraco as part of the COMA team.

I’m a copywriter, so a lot of my work is writing all kinds of texts. I write everything from social media posts to blogs and emails, and much more.

Sometimes I get the odd assignment that involves photography or graphic design, but that is more the exception than the rule.


Sille portrait

I participated in the #UmbracoTeesDay

But how did I actually get here? 

I’ve always had a “big plan” for my life, how it was supposed to work out, and, especially, what I wanted to do with my life. It has changed over time, but I always had a plan for what I wanted to do. 

As a kid I would walk around with my parents, point at a company that looked interesting (or, let’s be honest, sold something I REALLY liked), and say that I was going to work there when I grew up.

At some point, the company I would see and say “I’m going to work there someday” became Umbraco. Wouldn’t you know it, a couple of years passed, and here I am! 🥳


Okay, but what about outside of work?

I’m born and raised in Odense, and after a small detour to Aarhus and Copenhagen, I came back. Now, I live right in the middle of the city with my husband. 

I’m the kind of person who has a really hard time not doing anything, so I always have a ton of projects going on as I discover new creative hobbies. I usually say that I can do most creative things except use a sewing machine.

I do, of course, have a few passions where I invest quite a lot more time than others. One of my biggest passions is definitely music🎶 Whether it’s listening, playing, or simply humming,  I’m always surrounding myself with music. I play a bunch of different instruments, including harmonica, guitar, ukulele, a bit of flute, and piano. I have taken singing lessons, but I think it depends on who you ask if it actually sounds good 😅

I have a newfound passion for musicals, so if you see me nodding along to a song while wearing my headset, there’s a good chance that it’s thanks to a musical.

Photograph of sunset

Photography is another passion of mine. I got my first camera when I turned 18 and it was love at first sight 📸 I do most kinds of photography, portraits, events, babies, you name it! But my favorite is nature photography, which actually ties perfectly into another big passion of mine…

I absolutely love traveling! ✈️ I have been to many different countries and I’ve loved every single one. It should probably be a given that I try to visit places with beautiful and/or different nature from what I can find in Denmark… for example, mountains, which will probably never cease to amaze someone from a flat country like mine.

Sille Scotland 1360X907 Copy

I’ve fallen in love with Scotland and Ireland, but I have a dream to visit all European countries and all larger cities once (at least). 


That’s a pretty good introduction to me! I’ve already had an amazing time in the few weeks I’ve been at Umbraco - it still feels like a dream. If you ever see me around, don’t hesitate to say hi!


Bye, and (hopefully) see you around! 🙋‍♀️

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