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New Hire to Umbraco HQ: Andreas the QA Engineer

A gaming lover who got hooked on coding

Andreas Zerbst headshot - a white man with brown hair wearing a navy shirt against a blue and gold background.
Written by Andreas Zerbst

My name is Andreas and I'm studying Computer Science at UCL in Odense 💻 I'm here at Umbraco as a QA Engineer Intern.

Andreas Zerbst headshot. Andreas is a white man with brown hair wearing a dark blue shirt against a blue and gold background.

My first month at Umbraco

The Umbraco welcome has been amazing. I have been assigned Nikolaj (v1) as my buddy, and he has been there to help me whenever I was in doubt, which was a lot :D The rest of the CMS team has also been really welcoming and helpful! 

I was also lucky enough to attend Codegarden before I started my internship. It was a great experience where I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and met many amazing people. 


About me

I am 24 years old and currently live In Odense. Originally, I come from a city on Lolland called Nakskov, where I lived for 20 years. 

I moved to Odense to  study Electrical Energy Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), but after a year I found out that it wasn't for me. 

While studying at SDU, I tried coding, and immediately fell in love! I was hooked and switched over to Computer Science, and I've never looked back. 


My interests

Computers and gaming have always had a big place in my heart. I started playing video games when I was a child! 

My first console was a Game Boy Advance where I played Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire and Donkey Kong Country.

My love for gaming grew even more when I was able to get a PlayStation 2.  Maybe I spent just a bit too much time on gaming than I should have ;D

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I'm in the middle playing on my Gameboy with my grandparent and friend.

I also did sports such as wrestling, football or badminton. I ended up having a passion for wrestling, where I started to train multiple times a week. 

I occasionally attended tournaments all over the country. After some years I even got to attend the Danish championship!

The only sports I do now are boxing, where I try to train two times a week, and strength training on the side.  I still play games, but I mainly moved over to computer games such as League of Legends, the Total War Series and Rocket League. 

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Me being thrown at the local wrestling club

I also enjoy watching films, TV series and anime. My favorite film is “Law Abiding Citizen,” TV series is "Invincible," and my favorite anime is "Hunter x Hunter."

Hope to see you around!

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