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New Hire to Umbraco HQ: Søren the Cinephile

Meet this motivated veteran product owner

Søren Aamand Jørgensen
Written by Søren Aamand Jørgensen

Watch out Cloud Portal, there’s a new Product Owner in town 🤠 It’s our friend Søren, a veteran software architect and cinephile, who coincidentally never gets to choose the movie for movie nights with his family 😭 Find out when he started working with the .NET framework (hint: it wasn’t just in 2021!) and his favorite film types 📺

Hi everyone!

My name is Søren and I'm the newest member of the Umbraco Feature Team at Umbraco HQ. I’ll be taking on the Product Owner role for the Umbraco Cloud Portal.

My professional life 

Professionally, I like to construct and fix solutions. My journey started back in 2004 as a developer working on solutions based on the brand new .NET Framework 1.0. 

It wasn’t really great or stable, and we had many laughs (and cries) when we got the weirdest run-time errors from time to time. Luckily, the framework has improved by leaps and bounds since then! 

For the last 8-9 years, I have primarily had the role of architect and product owner on software solutions of various sizes. What motivates me the most is balancing technology and business, prioritizing tasks, working with skilled, dedicated people, and maximizing the value of our collective work.

I am really excited to take an active part in the fantastic Umbraco community, meet and gain valuable insight from partners, and help create awesome Umbraco products.

My home life

I’m 43 years old and I live in Odense with my wife Rikke and our two children Lauge (9) and Ellie (8), not to mention our dog Molly, a Cocker Spaniel / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix!

Molly, a Cocker Spaniel / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix

When I studied Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in the beginning of the millenium (yes, I am that old!), I lived just a few hundred meters from the current Umbraco HQ. However, in 2008 my wife and I moved to the southeast suburb of Odense called Holluf-Pile, not far away from SDU. We love our life there, and are definitely here to stay. 


When I’m not working 

In my non-professional life, I am really into sports. I never miss a game of my favorite team, although life as a dedicated fan can be hard and frustrating. As most other fellow supporters know, it brings years of agony and suffering for just a few weeks of euphoria and celebration when things - for once - turn out right.

Søren with his daughter and son

I have had the pleasure of training my son at the local football club for many years, while my wife coaches both my children in handball. When we aren’t doing sports, we have a great time playing games, going on trips, and having friends over (primarily our children's).

Beside sports, my passion for arthouse movies and general film history has grown in recent years. I’m particularly into 1920s German Expressionist films, Japanese and French cinema, and the American New Wave of the 1960s and 70s. As you might have guessed, it’s never me who gets to pick the movies for movie nights.

Thanks for reading, and see you out there! :-)

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