Round Table Discussion II.

A second Round Table Discussion will take place soon

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Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

We did not know what to expect to be the outcome of the first Round Table Discussion. But for sure, we want to do it again. So as announced in a previous blog post, we are having a second Round Table Discussion. Again, we have chosen to do it in connection with a Community organised Umbraco Event e.i. Umbraco Spark in Bristol this March

The first Round Table Discussion was somewhat explorative, as we had little or no experience with a process like that. We were not sure of the outcome. We made notes from the meeting available and gave a status around the new year of the work that had been carried out since October. Some of the participants of the discussion have also shared the experience of the discussion online or at meet-ups. 

At HQ, we have been working with the idea of concentric circles. We have had each of the now four community teams work with establishing their purpose, how to communicate, lowering barriers and how to engage other community members. The results of these have been published on, in blog posts and elsewhere. 

Further, we have increased communication in general and each community team has an open process that they have communicated about. It seems (famous last words :-)) that we have found a process for the community teams which runs well and that is more engaging and transparent than previously. 

What will happen at the second Round Table Discussion?

At the second Round Table Discussion In Bristol, the main topic is still the same;

How to sustain the continuous development of the Umbraco Project and the Umbraco community.


And in order to ensure continuity of the discussion already started, we’ll invite the same participants as last time.

The "Round" Table participants from the first discussion

The "Round" Table participants from the first discussion

Some participants have expressed the need for more time as well as doing some workshops. This should allow for a deeper dive into relevant areas. So we have expanded the hours and we have made these three subtopics, that we believe are key in driving the community:

  • Attracting new blood. E.g. how to make it more attractive to join the Umbraco Community. How to overcome the 40-year-old white male who knows it all :-). 25 ways of contributing…
  • Adjust and/or Invent new formats. E.g. how are we to meet in the future? Real-life/digital meetings, How does it scale? What is the purpose of our e.g. “a digital community hub”? What should be on Our.Umbraco? Etc.
  • How do we measure community engagement? E.g. how to start measuring an Engagement Score? When is it good, when is it bad? What is important to measure?

When and where:

Thursday, March 5th FEB 1000 - 1700 hours in Bristol, UK (the day before the Umbraco Spark conference). 


As announced previously, we go with the same participants to ensure continuity. Please feel free to reach out to either of us and give your input. The participants are however invited in their own rights and are not obliged to follow other than their own thoughts.

Pete Duncanson

Carole Logan

Jeavon Leopold

Laura Weatherhead

Callum Whyte

Jeffrey Schoemaker 

Adam Peter Nielsen

Marc Stöcker

Ilham Boulghallat

Kim Sneum Madsen

Jacob Midtgaard

Niels Hartvig



Like last time, Jacob Kjellerup ( will be the moderator of the discussions/workshop. 


As with the first one, we will share notes here on the Umbraco Blog after the discussion. 

If you have any questions/comments please reach out to me on

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