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Umbraco 10.2 Release Candidate

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Written by Rune Strand

Umbraco 10.2 is just around the corner with great new features for multilingual sites - user permissions for variants is here! This comes with supporting features, such as read-only properties, and of course, a nice bunch of additional features, improvements, and fixes contributed by our amazing open-source community. The release candidate is now available and we hope you’ll give it a spin and let us know if there are any issues that need to be addressed before the final release.


What’s in Umbraco 10.2?

We are very excited to bring permissions for variants as a new feature to Umbraco 10. This feature was originally targeted for Umbraco 11 due to breaking changes, but we’re happy to say we managed to implement the feature and avoid any breaking changes. This means we can ship it ahead of time and you have even more control when it comes to multi-lingual sites using language variants.

And, once again, the community has provided a number of additions and improvements that help make Umbraco 10.2 another great release - H5RY! 

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Permissions for Language Variants

New feature adding the ability to limit the language variants an editor can manage. Now it is possible to specify on user groups, what languages that user group can manage, if not every language. By default, all existing user groups allow editing all languages. This also means that this feature is backward compatible.

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The languages that you are allowed to manage are reflected in both content and translations.

Save Invariant Properties on all Languages

We have introduced a new setting to avoid a likely scenario, where you do not have permissions to save the default language and thereby cannot save invariant properties.

The new setting is named 


And by default the value is false, but on a new installation, it will be set to true.

This setting lets you save the invariant properties that are shared between all languages, no matter what language you have permission to manage. 

We have introduced new culture/shared labels on properties to make it more clear where values come from.

For invariant properties, we used to have a label that explained that the value was inherited from the default language. It is now possible to allow editing a value from any language that makes the label confusing. We now make it clear that the value is "shared" across all languages.

To edit a shared property the value will have to be "unlocked" to make it clear that this change will affect more languages.

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Read-only mode for all Property Editors

When a user does not have permission to manage a given language, all property editors are shown in read-only mode when looking up that language.

To make this happen, we have introduced a new c# property SupportsReadOnly on IDataEditor with a default implementation returning false. 

When this new property is false then an overlay is inserted over the property editor to avoid users having access to manipulate the data. This is not optimal if editors would like to copy/paste from one property to another. So by implementing support for read-only on property editors, you can control everything yourself, and give editors the optimal experience.

All standard property editors in Umbraco now support read-only.

And all the rest 🤩

You’re of course welcome to dive into any of the more than 30 features, improvements, and fixes included in Umbraco 10.2. You’ll find an incredibly useful Copy Data Type action contributed byPattrick de Mooij (and yes it does exactly what you think it does 😀). There’s a also much-needed fix for the rollback feature, which means you can actually do proper rollbacks in Umbraco 10+.

What to test 

It is important to note that we expect everything to work as it used to if you just update without setting up the new permissions. So if you find that this is not the case, please let us know.

We have updated all Property Editors to implement the new read-only mode. Help us test that they work as expected both in read-only mode and when editing.

We are grateful for feedback on all parts of this feature, so specifying language permissions on user groups will be valuable. Be aware if the user is a member of multiple user groups, the sum of allowed languages is used.

Publishing a non-default language without publishing the default language is one of the known use cases that we intended to solve, so the more testing of this the better.

You can find the full list of what’s packed in Umbraco 10.2 in the release notes.

How to test

First, you need to make a new Umbraco installation from 10.2RC (links below) or upgrade an existing project, both scenarios can provide valuable feedback.

If you find things in the RC that are not working, we’d be grateful for feedback on the Github issue tracker. You’re welcome to add comments to the features and fixes listed under Umbraco 10.2 release or submit new bug reports (click New Issue and select Bug Report), please prefix the issue with 10.2RC:

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As mentioned previously, the RC is feature complete, so we’re not going to add additional features but will, of course, fix bugs that prevent a stable release.

Get your hands on the Umbraco 10.2 RC

As always, installation and release notes can be found on Our:

This release candidate is also available from NuGet: 

When is the public release?

We’re aiming for a full public release on September 8th, 2022. This means Umbraco 10.2 will be available for upgrade on Umbraco Cloud and via NuGet. We need a couple of days to wrap up the release so the sooner we get your feedback the better 🙂

Big H5YR 🙌 to everyone who has contributed to Umbraco 10.2 and thanks to everyone willing to lend a hand in testing it out. It means the world to get it validated by the users.

Bug reports are best handled on the issue tracker and as always, we welcome you to submit product feedback and questions to

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