Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Umbraco and GDPR V

One of the things we want to share is our work with obtaining Data Processor Agreements from our suppliers. We have identified numerous suppliers eg. account software, telephone system, hosting suppliers, support tools etc.


Therefore, and as mentioned, in the spirit of openness and collaboration, a whole section of GDPR related stuff has been created on our website. Other than what we have announced previously, you can also now find information about:


Any questions/comments feel free to reach out to me sneum@umbraco.com

Find all our GDPR related initiatives here

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Umbraco and GDPR IV

This is the latest update on Umbraco and our GDPR initiatives. This fourth update is all about two “rights”; the right to port data and the right to be erased, forgotten, wiped away. Sound uncomfortable, but as you know, when it comes to our personal data, it’s quite reassuring that we have options and rights. Kim will tell you all about what this means to Umbraco and our users:

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