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Umbraco is a proud sponsor of Brands & Agencies

We're taking part in shaping the future by setting new standards and creating opportunities and value for the people we interact with.

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Written by Shanice Dougan

Umbraco has teamed up with Prolific North on their new agency directory platform Brands & Agencies along with Twitter Business. As well as bringing thousands of UK brands and agencies together, we think the platform will be a game-changer and set new standards for transparency within the digital industry.

What is Brands & Agencies?

The Brands & Agencies platform is a go-to directory for brands and agencies to find each other, with 2,000+ agencies, 70+ marketing services, and 20,000+ UK brands already on board. 

Agencies can create an account to establish themselves on the directory and get themselves seen. From there, agencies can identify gaps in the market for their specialisms, share case studies and information on provided services. Brands can browse the directory of Agencies to find the best partner for their next project.

Brands & Agencies is run by Prolific North, and is proudly supported by Umbraco along with Twitter Business.



"We see B&A as the ultimate platform for brands across all industries to team up with some of the best agencies in the UK to help them deliver business value to their customers from building their brand to improving customer experience and helping customers to become digital leaders."


Anders Trans Sørensen

Sales Director, Umbraco


Why are we a sponsor?

Umbraco is a CMS that provides the ultimate freedom for all who want to do more - from developers to CEO’s, content managers, editors, and everyone in between.  It is our goal is to make an accessible, transparent and open-source platform available to all brands and agencies worldwide who want to make great web solutions. These objectives are very much in line with the values of the Brands & Agencies platform, and it’s furthermore a natural choice for us to team up with some of the best brands and agencies across the UK.

We wish to help provide the best user experience in the world to create unique digital solutions without any boundaries, allowing full focus on your core business. Through this sponsorship, we want to be part of shaping the future by setting new standards and creating opportunities and value for the people we interact with. In other words, we are here to help you grow your business.


Mike Quote

“Supporting a platform like Brands & Agencies whose goal is to connect brands and agencies (and agencies in between), without charging big fees, is an honour. Making tools like this accessible to all is in line with the values of Umbraco.

It should not cost big money to show your awesome digital work and get recognised by brands for it.”

Mike Pedersen

Partner Sales Manager, Umbraco


Competition is a key driver to evolution and growth

By enabling all agencies and brands to compare and connect across the UK in a free and transparent way, without prohibitive cost gateways, the Brands & Agencies platform will make it possible and accessible for all agencies to showcase their great brand work.

That's why Brands & Agencies is going to be a game-changer, and set new standards for transparency within the digital industry.



Read more about the Brands & Agencies platform

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