Unlocking Business Benefits with Umbraco Cloud

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Written by Matt Sutherland, Head of Tech at true

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses, like true, are constantly seeking solutions that streamline their development processes, enhance security, and provide cost-effective options. Umbraco Cloud emerges as a powerful platform that offers numerous advantages for businesses of all sizes. In this blog post, Matt Sutherland, Head of Tech at true, delves into how Umbraco Cloud has made a positive impact on the agency and its clients who've embraced it.

Accelerated Time-to-Market with Baselines 

Time-to-market is a real benefit for true and our clients. Umbraco Cloud offers a powerful feature called baselines to expedite development. Baselines have enabled us to reuse components from existing master projects, streamlining the creation of various website elements such as video pages, blog articles, and registrations. By leveraging baselines, we are able to reduce development time, ensure consistency across projects, and deliver high-quality websites faster.

This feature proves especially valuable to us when handling multiple clients or powering similar sites from the same solution. For true, our baseline provides us with a consistent way of making video pages, blog articles, and even registrations.

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Customer Perspective: Cost Optimization and Flexibility

Umbraco Cloud has garnered positive feedback from true’s clients - in particular regarding cost optimization. It is often the case that our clients have migrated from platforms with higher ongoing costs and found Umbraco Cloud to be a cost-effective solution. Its ability to transform complex infrastructure into a simplified and transparent system has resonated with businesses. Our clients pay a single consistent cost, providing predictability for monthly budgeting.

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The pricing structure is transparent, enabling businesses to scale up, down, or remove plans as needed. This flexibility ensures our clients are not tied to long-term commitments and can adapt their hosting solutions based on evolving requirements. 

Streamlined Setup and Proactive Monitoring

For true’s development team, Cloud’s ability to simplify the initial setup process saves time and resources. Developing a comprehensive environment, including development, QA, UAT, and production, along with setting up development pipelines, is complex and lengthy. With Umbraco Cloud, we can rely on an internal DevOps team that takes care of these aspects, significantly reducing the setup time. true also have monitoring in place on all our SSLs to track on behalf of our clients. Cloud’s 24/7 monitoring ensures the smooth functioning of clients’ websites as well as proactive monitoring to identify and isolate any misbehaving code or issues promptly, acting as an extra set of eyes to keep track of applications.

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Efficient Troubleshooting and Dedicated Support 

The support team is also of great value to our agency. They are readily available to troubleshoot issues, providing valuable assistance to clients. We can easily contact the support team to discuss any problems they encounter, while our internal tech teams can continue working on assigned projects without disruption.

This efficient troubleshooting process helps us to maintain productivity and ensures timely resolutions. Moreover, it allows anyone within the organization to raise a ticket, providing flexibility and empowering project managers or client services to work on finding solutions.

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Enhanced Security and Compliance

With every online client, security is paramount. Umbraco Cloud ensures data protection by automatically providing TLS certificates and implementing HTTPS as part of the project. This eliminates the hassle of manually setting up and renewing certificates while guaranteeing data encryption and secure connections.

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The continuous monitoring of SSL certificates further enhances security, providing peace of mind for true and our clients. By hosting on Umbraco Cloud, we can focus on core operations while leaving security management to the experts.

The Advantages of UK Regional Umbraco Cloud Hosting

The introduction of UK Regional Umbraco Cloud Hosting has been a pivotal change for true. Firstly, it provides opportunities for clients with compliance or regulatory requirements related to data. Certain projects necessitate data to remain within a specific jurisdiction, and the UK regional hosting option ensures businesses can meet these requirements while retaining control over their data storage and ensuring legal compliance. 

In addition, hosting websites regionally minimizes the distance data needs to travel between servers and users, resulting in reduced energy consumption, making Umbraco Cloud a really excellent sustainable solution. This energy-efficient data transmission helps lower the carbon footprint associated with website hosting alongside existing sustainability features like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), robust caching support, and scalability options.

In conclusion, migrating to Umbraco Cloud has offered a range of benefits, including streamlined setup, proactive monitoring, dedicated support, cost optimization, and enhanced security. With its sustainable features and user-friendly approach, Umbraco Cloud proves to be the ideal hosting platform for businesses like ours, seeking efficiency and reliability.



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