Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Update on Umbraco on-premise deployment: II

We’ve recently been testing Umbraco Cloud deployment tools outside of Umbraco Cloud with a set of selected Gold Partners, as described in my last blog post on July 12th.

We knew going into these tests that the technology wasn’t quite ready yet but still needed early stage feedback to help assess the current situation. From the feedback it’s clear that more work is needed before we can make the functionality available outside of Umbraco Cloud.

We’ve started additional efforts to strengthen and improve the current state of our deployment tools on Umbraco Cloud, making the cloud experience even better. These investments will help mature the technology and bring us closer to enable use of the deployment tools outside of Umbraco Cloud.

We’ll work on these deployment improvements for the next couple of months, and we’ll have more information on the progress to share with you by the end of this year.

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