Thursday, July 12, 2018

Umbraco on-premise deployment

It’s no news to users of Umbraco Cloud, that the platform has solid built-in support for deployment of structure and content between multiple Umbraco environments - in fact, many of our customers say this is one of the main reasons why they love working with Umbraco Cloud!

Umbraco Cloud ensures that Umbraco environments are properly synchronized during deploy, checking for consistency and guiding the user on any version conflicts between content on separate environments. This makes it easy to keep a clear and best practice separation between development, staging and live environments, making it a lot simpler to work in a multi-user and multi-environment setup with support for permission control, publishing workflows etc. Basically, a cloud setup that takes care of the entire deployment process for you.

While Umbraco Cloud is suitable for most solutions, there are examples of custom deployment and hosting setups where it is a requirement that data can be deployed through a different infrastructure. This is why we have started investigating options for making parts of the Umbraco Cloud deployment technology available outside of Umbraco Cloud, primarily for those that have the resources and infrastructure available to setup their own deployment flow with their own build tools.


Beta Program

In order to make elements of the Umbraco Cloud deployment technology available outside of Umbraco Cloud, we first have to validate how it matches the configurations and needs of external setups and ensure that we are solving the right problems in a generic multi-environment setup.

To assist in this validation, a group of trusted Gold Partners are currently testing our deployment technology in a closed beta program. With beta access, these partners are testing and validating the applicability of our deployment technology in their individual setup.

Note: The Deploy beta program is closed for entry, but we still welcome any input and suggestions at


What’s Next?

The beta program ends August 1st, and we are currently gathering and analysing all the valuable feedback.

With all the information gathered, we will evaluate the options to make deployment technology available outside of Umbraco Cloud. This includes evaluation of availability, bundling, pricing and support (and a name! 😉).

As we continue to work on the project, we will bring you the next update by the end of August.

Any benefits for existing cloud users?

Absolutely! All the work on our deployment technology will bring direct improvements to Umbraco Deploy on Cloud. We are already actively analysing the current usage of Umbraco Deploy on Cloud and working on general improvements that will also benefit existing Umbraco Cloud users.

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