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Friday, September 21, 2018

Welcome to the club: No Zebra becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Hello everyone!

We’re No Zebra - a digital agency with a strong focus on eCommerce solutions. We are based in Denmark and have two locations: Aarhus and Copenhagen with over 50 employees.

Our agency assists ambitious B2B and B2C businesses from all over Denmark to grow through enhanced digital performance and marketing.

We have been specializing in data-driven business development since 1999. We design, build and integrate business-critical eCommerce solutions and excel in 360-degree digital marketing to help companies sell online both nationally and internationally. We call it "All Digital · All Commerce".

Umbraco? Hooked immediately.

We’ve been working with Umbraco for a little over a decade by now and from the beginning got hooked immediately.

“What I’ve found especially compelling about Umbraco was the simplicity and yet flexibility of the CMS. It’s never tried to be the All-in-One wonder system, but instead, been focusing on the core functionality of being a CMS,” Rasmus Lynggaard, Chief eCommerce Architect, No Zebra

If we had to narrow down, we’d distinguish 5 Umbraco benefits:

✔️ The simplicity and overall good experience you get as an editor and the possibility for us as an agency to extend the back office and make that experience even better.

✔️ The flexibility and extensibility of the system. We’ve had yet to meet a digital project which cannot be solved with Umbraco – not that it should be the solution to all problems, but it can be.

✔️ The media library and handling of images, especially the way of handling crops with the focal point is always a wow factor for editors, who haven’t had any prior Umbraco experience.

✔️ All our developers love working with Umbraco, because it’s intuitive to work with and yet highly flexible.

✔️ Finally, we must not forget the Umbraco community. It truly is the friendly community and there’s always someone ready to give a helping hand. And also - all of the package builders out there – Umbraco wouldn’t be the same without you. We’re not even sure if there would be an Umbraco if it was not for the community and package builders because they bring a lot of added value to the platform, so - #h5yr!

From now on - Umbraco Gold Partner

It’s been in our minds for quite a while to become an Umbraco Gold Partner, but now we finally decided to take the step. We’ve made the decision because we’re highly committed to Umbraco and we truly believe in strong partnerships with both vendors and our clients.

We really like the possibility to use Umbraco HQ for architectural sparring on projects. We are also looking forward to participating at the Gold Partner summit and talk about the future of Umbraco. Being able to influence the roadmap of Umbraco like that is really nice!

“No Zebra is making top-notch eCommerce solutions in Denmark. It is a great pleasure, and also seems natural to have them as our Gold Partner. Pleasure, because of their recognition of the partnership, and natural - because more and more of No Zebra’s projects are built on Umbraco,” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

Pssst... you can find No Zebra here is you would like to know more about their work with Umbraco.

Or perhaps you would like to become our Gold Partner? Loads of info about the partnership benefits right here.


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