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Umbraco Gold Partner

Jam-packed with benefits, the top level partner program

Our most valued and dedicated partners

Umbraco Gold Partners are officially Umbraco-certified and take an active part and interest in the development of Umbraco. That's why we have packed this partner program with all the best - for the best 🏆

Our Major Friend Maker and head of partner team Anders Trans Sørensen is giving you a peek at some of the key benefits of being an Umbraco Gold Partner:



Already intrigued? Then drop an email directly to Anders and he'll be happy to answer any questions you might have - or if you're already convinced, you can sign up right here.

Not yet convinced? We're here to let you in both on what it takes to become a Gold Partner and how you can benefit from being our top-level partner.


How do you benefit from being a Gold Partner?

Let's start with a visual overview. As the table below shows, being a Gold Partner comes with a lot of fantastic perks. You can also see how, in terms of benefits, the partnership compares to Certified and Registered partner programs.

Indeed. The Gold Partnership is full of goodies. And below, we have gathered the ones that are unique to the Gold Partnership and that you get on top of the 13 benefits our Certified Partners get.

As a Gold Partner, you get exclusive access to these 11 benefits:

The Gold Partner Logo - a visual validation

The visual “Seal of Approval” comes in the form of the Gold Partner Logo. With this logo you can guarantee your clients that not only do you have the required skills to work efficiently with Umbraco, but that you are truly dedicated to the solution you use to build your projects on. 

Use the logo everywhere - on your website, LinkedIn, on your business cards, Twitter etc. It's definitely something you've earned the right to shout about.

Umbraco Gold Partner badge

Access to Gold Partner marketing collateral

As a Gold Partner you get access to exclusive marketing collateral that can help you drive more leads and win more business.

We’ll do our very best to provide you with all the material you need to help both your marketing and your sales team. And based on your feedback we’ll create new material to expand the pool of marketing material available for all Gold Partners.


Gold Partner profile on

In order to help lead potential clients your way, we shout about your company on our website - as a Gold Partner you get a special Gold Partner profile on our website with a direct “visit site” button to gather and send leads directly from us to you.

To help you stand out from your competitors even further, we offer to publish case studies about your best Umbraco projects. These case studies will of course be showcased on your profile, so that potential clients will be able to see what you're capable of. We also offer the chance for you to show your expertise with exclusive Gold Partner guest posts on our blog.


Joint webinars with Umbraco HQ

Have you developed a great Umbraco solution that you want to share with the world? Then you have the opportunity to do so through joint webinars with Umbraco HQ. You provide the great case and the expert knowledge, we take care of the technical side and promote it to our users. 


Lead Generation - sending potential clients your way

At Umbraco HQ we do not do implementations. So when a company comes to us seeking advice on how to get the best results for their Umbraco project, we always turn to our Gold Partners and find the best fit for that specific project.


Sales support

Being a Gold Partner doesn’t only give you access to full technical support, but also gives you access to sales support. If you need help to land a big project, we will gladly assist you. Let us know and we’ll be happy to join the frontline, such as participating in a meeting or pitch, doing demos or anything else that might help you win that client! 


Free Umbraco training - ensuring your skills are up-to-date

As our Gold Partner, once a year, you get 1 free spot at an Umbraco training course (what we call Gold Partner Academy). Plus, once a year you're also able to pick one free Umbraco online training course of your choice.

All this is in order to keep your developers' skills up to date, or deepen the Umbraco knowledge among even more developers in your company.


Umbraco Education Programme

If you want to be a part of teaching the future group of Umbraco developers, you can join our Umbraco Education Programme (exclusive to Gold Partners). 

With the ever-increasing development in the tech industry, it is not easy to find qualified Umbraco developers. With the Umbraco Education programme you ensure that the new generation of Umbracians is well underway. Not only that. You help spread the word and interest of Umbraco in your local area, which will perhaps even send more business your way.


Full Support from Umbraco HQ

We’ve got your back. 

You'll be given a guaranteed lifeline directly into Umbraco HQ and our dedicated support team who are able to support you on both the Umbraco CMS and our SaaS products Umbraco Cloud, Uno and Heartcore. So if you’re ever having troubles with Umbraco, you're not left alone - contact us and we'll guide you back on track.

But this is not just a lifeline for you - it is also a guarantee for your clients. A guarantee that you've got direct access to the Umbraco HQ support team, should something come up in their project. A guarantee that will help them feel confident (and comfortable) in choosing you to handle their project. 

The support you get also includes technical support by offering architectural advising before you start a new important project. We also offer you code review on your projects in development. This way you’ll be able to have the very best foundation for a new project plus collaborate with some of the great minds behind the Umbraco CMS!


Influence on Umbraco development

We genuinely care about what our partners have to say - especially our Gold Partners. This means that you as a Gold Partner will have an influence on which features we develop and the direction of Umbraco overall. We also involve our Gold Partners in the Umbraco Roadmap and where this is heading in the future.


Free access to Umbraco Forms and Courier

As an Umbraco Gold Partner you can use both Umbraco Forms and Umbraco Courier at no cost - for all of your projects

It also makes the process of setting up the license much easier as you don’t have to order a new license every time. Couldn’t be more efficient! 


Gold Partner networking & events

As a Gold Partner, you get access to a number of great networking possibilities. The possibilities range from an exclusive Slack channel to invitations to global and regional events - online as well as in person.

Being a Gold Partner means you get to be part of an exclusive network of agencies who are all the best of the best. And with partners around the world you can broaden your network and get inspired by fascinating business cases from like-minded and friendly people.


What does it take to become a Gold Partner?

Certification - an official validation from Umbraco HQ

This is a benefit for both you and your clients. And a requirement. 

An Umbraco Gold Partner has the necessary skills for working with Umbraco, as it is a requirement that you have at least two Umbraco Certified Developers on your team. This is achieved by a total score of 400 Certification Points, which are earned by attending official Umbraco Training Courses

Passing official Umbraco training to a certain level is the only way we, Umbraco HQ, are able to validate you as a skilled Umbraco solution partner. Thus, one we'd be happy to recommend to end-clients. 


Yearly subscription fee

The yearly cost of the Umbraco Gold Partnership is €12.500. Looking through the list of all the features and benefits of this partner program, you'll see that the cost value of the included features way exceeds the yearly cost of the Gold Partnership (pssst... buying 3 Umbraco Professional support plans, which gives you support for just 3 sites, costs more than the full Gold partnership!). 

Some of our Gold Partners even earn a big part of their yearly subscription fee back by taking advantage of the Umbraco Cloud Partner Discounts and other exclusive discounts available as part of the partnership.



Then please reach out. We just need a few contact details, and one of our Partner Friend Makers will get in touch with you to get the ball rolling.


Become a Gold Partner

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If you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, chances are that someone has already built it. And if you have a question, are looking for documentation or need friendly advice, go ahead and ask the Umbraco community on Our.