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Welcome, welcome, welcome: Ozum becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Meet Ozum, 100% Umbraco agency

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Ozum, a Cardiff-based UK agency, fell in love with Umbraco from the get-go. Every year brought up even more Umbraco projects being built, to the point when Ozum transformed into a 100% Umbraco agency. Becoming a Gold Partner then was a no-brainer! Get to know Ozum better (and then you’ll also be able to meet them at Codegarden next week):

Hello everyone 😉

We are Ozum. A UK agency with a main operating base in Cardiff, South Wales but we also have a presence in London to help service our clients there.

Cardiff is actually our new home, and it’s where we relocated after 13 years of operating from our home town of Newport. In Cardiff we are a part of the Natwest Accelerator Programme. The programme is aimed at potential high growth businesses who are looking to scale up and provides access to legal and other professional services as well as networks and supply chains.

The team is loving being right at the heart of Cardiff and the new office environment is abuzz with entrepreneurs and creatives.

Ozum Team

Ozum started life in 2006 as a web design and digital marketing agency, thought up by two graduates on a mission: to offer the best of traditional web design blended with results-driven marketing strategies.

Since then we've grown to a team of 8 and are currently undertaking a recruitment drive in order to build on recent successes and help manage a growing list of clients.

Why did we choose the name Ozum? We get asked this a lot and one day we are going to sit down and think of a really quirky and exciting answer - rather than we just wanted a short domain name!

Us and Umbraco: we loved it from the get-go

In 2006 we were building websites and web applications using ASP.NET, including our own rather shaky first attempt at CMS development. This proved very time-consuming and with the arrival of off-the-shelf solutions such as WordPress, we decided to explore other options and so we stumbled across Umbraco in 2007.

Michael Bennett Managing Director Ozum

"We loved it from the get-go. A flexible CMS that didn’t interfere with our code but also provided powerful features and great editing functionality. We built our first Umbraco website on version 3 and haven’t looked back."

- Michael Bennett, Managing Director, Ozum

We loved it from the get-go. A flexible CMS that didn’t interfere with our code but also provided powerful features and great editing functionality. We built our first Umbraco website on version 3 and haven’t looked back.

Since then our development has been very Umbraco focused, to the point where in 2017 we became a 100% Umbraco agency: every website we build or maintain is on the Umbraco platform.

Why we became a Gold Partner

Becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner has been a part of our vision for some time and in November 2018 this was eventually realised. It’s a big milestone for Ozum and one we are extremely proud of. It’s great to be part of such a supportive community and also to give something back.

We’ll also be attending our first Codegarden this year and we’re looking very much forward to meeting fellow Umbraco partners and other members of the Umbraco community!

“It's a pleasure for me to welcome the whole Ozum team to the Gold Partner family! They are a fast growing and dedicated Umbraco agency. Congrats with being included in the Natwest Accelerator Programme and relocation to Cardiff. I look forward to working closely with you for many years to come!”

- Mike Pedersen, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

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Would you like a chat with the agency? Visit Ozum's Gold Partner page.

If interested, you can also learn more about what it means to be an Umbraco Gold Partner.

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