Friday, March 8, 2019

Women who code in the Umbraco community 2019

It is very likely that you might have already met them. It could have been an Umbraco festival, Codegarden or simply a chat on Twitter or Our…  All talented, all friendly, all code and all part of the Umbraco community. Meet Heather, Laura, Gerty, Jacquie, Janae and Tiffany:

Heather Floyd, self-employed Umbraco/ ASP.NET freelancer, New York, NY, USA

"The thing I love about coding is having the power to make cool things happen, to solve problems in elegant ways. When you are a programmer, you are always learning and growing, because technology is always changing."

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Laura Weatherhead, Full Stack .NET developer, Fluent, Cambridge, UK

"I actually picked up the coding bug by accident pursuing lofty dreams to be a digital animator, which fell by the wayside when I discovered that programming is not purely logical, but also subjective, creative and amazingly rewarding."

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Gerty Engrie, Umbraco developer at District01, Ghent, Belgium

"When I was a teenager I got bored on spring vacation so dad got me a VB6 course. I didn’t finish it… got myself a frontpage website instead. Haha, I know, right, different times! Next up, an image-ready site followed by a flash website with iframes. I was fascinated and continued the learning process by attending IT school. I was one of the 3 girls in my year… out of 180 students."

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Jacquie Steele, Junior Developer, Liverpool, UK

"I love that you can get lost for hours trying to solve problems and when you do solve a problem the euphoria of seeing your code work… those moments I celebrate by waving my hands in the air. Another part of development I enjoy is that you can be logical and creative at the same time, it’s kind of a beautiful harmony."

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Janae Cram, Senior Developer, Bellingham, Washington

"Coding was really a hobby for me for the most part while I worked other jobs. A few of my friends got work in town as developers, though, and encouraged me to apply because they thought I could take a hobby and turn it into a career - they were right!"

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Tiffany Prosser, Web Management Officer, Leicester City Council, Leicester, UK

" soon dawned on my father that despite hours of trying to get me to learn to program in Basic at the age of 5... I really wasn't picking up much more than getting a ball to bounce across the screen... Mainly as a result of being interested only in playing games. "

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