Umbraco can be used for everything from multinational, complex corporate sites to your mom's site about motorcycles. Here you find a selection of companies that has had great Umbraco sites built by our partners.

Gold Partner Case Stories & Testimonials


Streetwise is a non-profit workforce development agency empowering those who are facing homelessness.

A great purpose requires a flawless website! Marcel Digital took that challenge.

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Goldpartner: Marcel Digital

HH Global

HH Global fell in love with the user-friendly CMS and the ability to manage editor permissions across their many sites.

And they got impressive results shortly after launch.

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Goldpartner: Three Deep

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating wanted an updated website that would better showcase their meals and home-delivered meal plans.

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Gold Partner: Marcel Digital

Carlsberg Pegasus Framework

Carlsberg Group’s big online move is a website framework called Pegasus. It allows their 500+ brands to think consumer & content first.

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Gold Partner: Umbrella

British Thoracic Society

Content was difficult to update and documents difficult to manage. We used the power and flexibility of Umbraco to transform the way British Thoracic Society (BTS) manages its digital presence.

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Gold Partner: Blue Print Web Technologies

Other case stories and testimonials


By using Umbraco Cloud, WebVizion was able to create a beautifully designed and highly functional website.

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Partner: WebVizion

Chãteau De Fontaine

Chateau de Fontaine wanted to reflect their culture, elegance, class and exclusiveness.

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Partner: WebVizion

Hotel Le Recif

Hotel Le Recif's website needed a fresh new look and more importantly, it needed to be available on mobile & tablet devices.

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Partner: Lux*Hospitality

Southwest Power Pool

As one of the biggest power pools in the United States, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) has the job of maintaining power grids in 14 states — no simple task.

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Certified Partner: Aristotle

Nivå Kokkedal Fodboldklub

Nivå-Kokkedal Fodboldklub (NKF) is a football club of 400-500 members across approximately 20 teams. The NKF website runs on KlubCMS - a dynamic platform created by the Danish Football Association (DBU) on Umbraco Cloud.

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Partner: Danish Football Association


Saniona is a research and development company focused on drugs for diseases of the central nervous system, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases and treatment of pain.

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Partner: WebVizion

DBU (Danish Football Association)

The Danish FA offers all member clubs a custom website for their club. Klub-CMS is a solution of standard templates and modules which each club can modify allowing for quick, flexible and large volume website creation.

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Partner: SportsSys

The Salin Group

Hear from this small business owner how Umbraco Cloud and Umbraco ContentFlow helped create a beautiful online presence in just 5 days.

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Partner: The Salin Group


Even though they've had their eyes on Umbraco Cloud for quite some time, it wasn’t until Codegarden '16 that Webmind, a web-agency from Göteborg, Sweden, decided to give the “relationship” a try. Commitment only grew and today most of the sites build by Webmind are on Umbraco Cloud.

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Partner: Webmind


Pasfall is a luxurious gourmet restaurant placed in Odense, Denmark. It was included in the Michelin Guide 2017 and was bound to expect a lot of attention. The restaurant’s website had to not only be able to take on a lot of traffic, but also reflect high-class service, unique atmosphere and sophisticated taste. All of this web agency WebVizion achieved by using Umbraco Cloud.

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Partner: Webmind

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