Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar Umbraco Case 6

Case study

Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar

Umbraco Awards 2019 winner: Jury’s Choice

This is a case of Umbraco CMS powering robots. Ice cream serving robots. Phosphor Essence, a talented team from Auckland, New Zealand, used Umbraco to create a POS (Point of Sale) interface and management system for Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar, which is currently selling delicious ice cream in the center of Melbourne, Australia. Here is Phosphor Essence itself, telling more about the award-winning solution:

Skills used

  • Design
  • Headless CMS
  • Integrations
  • Support
  • DevOps


  • Engineering & manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Information technology
  • Food & beverages

The magic behind

Our mission was to craft a scalable solution for POS, management, monitoring, and reports in Umbraco CMS for our client Niska, Australian robotics retail company.

To reach the mission, we created a POS kiosk software which communicates with the Robotics Software and Umbraco.



Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar Umbraco Case 1



We integrated the Phosphor Kiosk Monitoring Tool into Umbraco, and a view of Power BI reports so that users get what they need through a single login. 

A REST API for Umbraco was created to communicate with the POS kiosk software so that updates can be made in real time.


How the robots serve ice cream

Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar is entirely run by kiosks and robots.

Customers can use a tall portrait touchscreen or a short landscape touchscreen kiosk to buy ice cream desserts or make their own concoction out of the many ice cream flavours and toppings.

Once they made their choice, customers receive a receipt with a code.

Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar Umbraco Case 4
Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar Umbraco Case 2

They can then watch the robots scoop out the ice cream, add the toppings, and deposit the ice cream into a chilled compartment.

Scanning their receipt then opens the door to the chilled compartment. 

The customer can also scan a promotional code from their phone or printout to receive a discount.

How it is all managed

Administrators can log in to Umbraco to add new flavours, update images and descriptions, create new desserts, set up new locations, and view sales reports and real time monitoring for all kiosks.

Individual kiosk owners can log in to Umbraco to update products and flavours available at their own Ice Cream Bar. They can create discounts for marketing initiatives and view sales reports and monitoring.

Support employees can log in to Umbraco to view real time monitoring, messages or errors, and can create discount codes to send to customers.

Overall, the easy-to-use interface allows: 

🍦 to add products;

🍦 to update prices; 

🍦 to view sales reports from Power BI and manage kiosks;

🍦 to create discount offers for a fixed amount or a percentage and assigning a QR code to be scanned at the POS.

Not just friendly. Also award-winning!

This implementation has been a huge success with our client as it's such a secure and user-friendly browser-based system, one they can access from anywhere. Since it started serving, Niska Ice Cream Bar has been full of customers daily. It has even been recommended as a "must do" on several "what to eat in Melbourne" sites.

And of course we were so thrilled to win in the Jury’s Choice category at Umbraco Awards 2019!

“Phosphor Essence extended their support beyond programming and coding – to the high level of creativity to address this unique project needs. Our team greatly appreciates the level of advice we received on how to make our customer journey via touchscreen ordering process as intuitive as possible. It turned out to be a fantastic solution!”

Kate Orlova, Niska

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