Real Time Recommendations That Drive You Forward

World's Best AI-Powered Recommender as a Service

Reach the next level of personalization with Product, Content, and Search recommendations using intuitive RESTful API and SDKs tailored by data scientists.

Recombee uses over 100+ machine learning algorithms that render state-of-the-art content recommendations, product recommendations, and personalized full-text searches reaching the highest quality personalization for every unique user.

To keep pace with fast-changing or user-generated content, Recombee uses advanced models in real-time to make similarities based on image attributes and thus offers one-on-one tailored recommendations to each user.

Recombee's AI recognizes sudden emerging topics which will be pushed upfront and bring traffic to your sites, increasing your ability to stay competitive.

In short, Recombee:

• Provides you with the highest quality models for the best recommendations possible

Scales your service & improves your KPIs

• Increases your customer satisfaction and spending

• Boosts user engagement and retention

• Provides simple and user-friendly interface

• Uses RESTful API and SDKs for multiple programming languages

• Develops new features to keep pace with your demands


  • Category: Search
  • Premium: No
  • License: Free

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