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Struct PIM

Take full control of your product information

Take full control of your product information and ensure a uniform product experience across all your channels. The versatile product structure allows for easy configuration of even complex product data. Manage complex information for millions of products using the bulk update features while still keeping an overview through the configurable dasbhoard. An open API allows for easy syndication to your E-commerce solution, printed catalogs, in-store screens, marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping and all your other channels.

Create engaging product experiences Leverage Struct PIM to create powerful and engaging product experiences across all your channels. Whether it be your E-commerce solution, your physical store, your printed catalogs or your marketplace partners such as Google Shopping or Amazon, Struct PIM enables you to easily maintain your product portfolio for all these channels to create a uniform product- and brand experience. Manage millions of products Built into the Umbraco Backoffice, Struct PIM provides user friendly, easy to use tools for management of large amounts of products. Use bulk update features to update thousands of products in one process. Struct PIM allows you to manage millions of products effectively in Umbraco. Ensure data quality The versatile data structure allows for specific data setups and validation rules, ensuring users' can only enter data in the correct format. Use the dashboard to get a constant overview of your products' data health, and initiave new tasks and to-do lists when some products need attention. Import data from external sources Import data Import product data from Excel, CSV or XML files directly into Struct PIM or use the Supplier Onboarding Portal to engage suppliers in the product data management process. Furthermore, Struct PIM provides an open REST Api allowing for fluent integration with any external system such as Dynamics AX, Naivision, SAP etc. Distribute product data Distribute data Built-in features to export data to different formats makes it easy to export your product data to different destinations. Use the open REST Api to create robust integrations with external systems such as your E-commerce solution or build automated punch outs for your partners.

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