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The Umbraco Content Management System lets you do things your way. Try our Open Source CMS today without having to download or install anything. Simply sign up with your email and we’ll spin up a Cloud hosted trial site for you in just a few minutes.

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Why Umbraco?

Why use Umbraco?

If you want full control of your website, then you need a truly flexible CMS. With Umbraco you can unfold your talents and make your website look, feel and work exactly like you want it to.


What is Umbraco

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open source .NET content management system that is free to install, setup and host yourself. You can also let us take care of it all for you on Umbraco Cloud - our Azure Cloud hosted solution.


How to try Umbraco

How do I get started?

You can try out Umbraco by taking a free 14-day Cloud trial. No strings attached and no credit card is required. Fill out the form and we'll have a site ready for you in less than 5 minutes.


Umbraco is a leader in Web Content Management on G2Umbraco is a leader in Web Content Management on G2Umbraco is a leader in Enterprise Web Content Management on G2

Umbraco CMS is fully flexible

The Umbraco source code is free and available on GitHub under the MIT License, so anyone can get started with it.
Need to build a multilingual website with tons of integrations? No problem.
Need to spin up a quick and simple site with a contact form? No problem.

Whatever type or scale of your project, Umbraco will be able to handle it - and the cherry on top; with a customizable and editor friendly UI, no matter how complex a site you’re building, you know that your editors will still find it a breeze to edit.

Oh, and the cherry on top of the cherry - there's no need for you to spend time learning a new coding or templating language as Umbraco is based on C#, JavaScript and Razor.

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Why do developers love Umbraco?

No bloated code found here

Neat and clean CMS

Start your new website without bloated code

Our aim with Umbraco is to always make it simpler - simpler meaning faster, more intuitive and perhaps most importantly, ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of your code. By giving you a neat and clean start, you are able to configure your site just the way you want to. No extra, unnecessary code and no limitation as to where you want to take it.

That doesn’t mean Umbraco is without nice features though. With things like the built-in caching as well as Razor templating, open APIs, customizable backoffice, support for multilingual and powerful search features, you get efficient and helpful tools and great performance right out of the box.

Open and documented APIs

Integrate and Extend your website

Integrate with best of breed tools & systems

We know that a great digital project is more than just a CMS. That’s why we have open well-documented APIs that enables you to integrate your 3rd party tools. Whether it’s your e-commerce platform, your CRM, a 3rd party personalisation engine or your on-premise legacy business systems - you can add it to your Umbraco project.

And if you’re looking for specific features that’s not part of the Umbraco core package, you don’t have to build them from scratch. With Umbraco Apps and community packages you have ready-to-use plug-in features right at your fingertips.

Documentation, videos & training

Get the most out of Umbraco

Resources to help you work smarter

Learning a new CMS often comes with a steep learning curve. And let’s be honest - if you’re brand new to the system you won’t just be up-and-running right away. But if you’re already familiar with .NET, we provide you with the resources you need all along the way.

Get off on the right foot with our technical documentation that covers everything you'll need about Umbraco - and if you prefer videos we have our video tutorials on that you can dive into. Lastly, if you want to improve your skills even more, we offer official training courses, where you can get the awesome title of Umbraco Master.

No bloated code found here

Neat and clean CMS

Open and documented APIs

Integrate and Extend your website

Documentation, videos & training

Get the most out of Umbraco

Trusted by friendly professionals around the world


Simone Chiaretta Loves The ease of extending Umbraco

Team Lead and Web Architect, The Council of European Union

''Umbraco was an invaluable help for the good outcome of the project. Many challenges were solved "gratis" just by using Umbraco, and for the ones that were not directly addressed, the openness and easiness of extendibility of Umbraco allowed the development of a lot of custom solutions to address our challenges,''



Lisa Sendall Loves Not having to compromise on requirements

Head of Ecommerce, Merlin Entertainments

''In my 9 years of working in ecommerce, this was one of the smoothest builds I have been involved in. Timeframes from brief to complete were very short and, unlike other projects, we didn’t have to de-scope the requirements to meet deadlines.''


Leon Lindeberg (and his dog) Loves That everyone wins

System Developer, Webmind

''It is just a big win for everyone. Editors are contented because their workflow is simpler, customers are pleased because development is cheaper and sites are solid. I am just delighted. I think even my dog is more satisfied as I come home with a smile because I have had such a great day easily collaborating with teams in the environments, had fun and helpful chats with the support team and can sleep soundly knowing that the sites are stable.''


A helping (time-saving!) hand: Umbraco Cloud

Imagine if your boss so very kindly hired a person to take care of all the tedious admin tasks for you; installation, site set-up, https registration, regular bug and security upgrades, deployments… Things that are necessary, but time-consuming and (let’s be completely honest) boring. You’d rather spend your time building great websites, right? This is where Umbraco Cloud comes in as your new time-saving digital colleague.

Based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform we have built Umbraco Cloud as not just the perfect hosting for your Umbraco site, but also packed it with features specifically designed to take tedious tasks off your hands.

Umbraco Cloud provides you with safe and easy one-click deployment, automated upgrades as well as a better workflow for your entire team, making it simpler to work alongside each other. It’s all the great things about Umbraco CMS in its most perfect “home” in the Cloud.

Ready to take Umbraco for a spin?

In 5 minutes you can be trying out Umbraco yourself with a 14-day free trial of Umbraco Cloud - no download or install required. All you need to do is fill out your name, email and choose a password - then we’ll create a project for you.

Once the 14 days are over you can of course choose to upgrade to a paid plan (pricing starts at €30/month) or make a local copy and take care of hosting yourself.


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Frequently asked questions about Umbraco

What happens after my 14-day free trial?

When the 14-day trial runs out - and you didn't choose to upgrade to a paid plan - then we will close your trial project and after 30 days we will delete it completely.

And don't worry - you won't be stuck with a subscription at the end. You'll only pay if you decide to upgrade your trial to a paid plan.


What does Umbraco cost?

Umbraco is open source and free to install, setup and host for yourself.

If you want us to take care of hosting (and get the extra features) you can choose one of our SaaS products: Umbraco Cloud, Umbraco Uno or Umbraco Heartcore. Pricing starts from €30/month.

If you need support or have any advanced needs for your project you can also get an Umbraco Support plan. Pricing starts from €6.000/year.


How many websites use Umbraco?

Umbraco is used by over 731438 active websites worldwide and is used to build all sorts of projects - small and large, public and private.


Can I get a live demo of Umbraco?

Of course you can. Besides taking a 14-day Cloud trial, we host weekly live 45-minute webinars where you can get a walkthrough of the CMS or Cloud and ask any questions you might have. Find an upcoming CMS webinars and Cloud webinars that fits you.

How does Umbraco handle privacy and GDPR?

At Umbraco we care a lot about privacy - both for you and your users. When GDPR was enforced, we made improvements to ensure full compliance and to make it simpler for you to handle. You can get more info about Umbraco and GDPR here.