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Use of the Umbraco Brand

What is allowed and not allowed when using the Umbraco brand elements

General use

These guidelines apply when referring to the company Umbraco A/S and Umbraco products and services.

You are allowed to use the Umbraco brand name in text when describing or referring to Umbraco products and services. 

You are allowed to use the Umbraco logo, the U in a circle, and the colors in the Umbraco theme, as long as it is clear that you and/or your organization are not part of Umbraco A/S.

You may not

  • Use the brand name “Umbraco” as part of domain names, product names or business names, unless you are explicitly given permission to do so by Umbraco A/S, in writing.
  • Use the Umbraco brand name and assets in ways that could lead people to believe that you, your product and/or services are part of Umbraco A/S.
  • Use the Umbraco brand name in paid ads.

Community events

Community events like festivals and meetups can use domain names with the Umbraco brand name in the domain name as long as Umbraco A/S has ownership of the domain name. Umbraco A/S will make the domain available to the organizers free of charge

If you are in doubt 

Do not hesitate to contact Umbraco HQ. Write an email to, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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