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Third party suppliers

The suppliers we use in order to provide you with the Umbraco products and services

In the table below you'll find a list of the suppliers we use for our various products and services. Suppliers that through their system have access to our customer's/user's personal data as a sub-processor.   

For our suppliers inside Europe, we collect DPA (Data Protection Agreements) and their legal ground for processing data is based on the GDPR. Prior to July 16th, 2020, Privacy Shield was the legal reason for US companies to handle data with the same high security as in the EU. 

Due to the invalidation of Privacy Shield from July 16th, the SCC (Standard Contractual Clauses) is now the legal reason to transfer data between companies in the EU and e.g. the US. 




Location of data center

Legal grounds for processing outside the EU

Within Europe      
Microsoft Azure Hosting of websites (Umbraco Cloud, Heartcore, Uno) Netherlands Within EU, so not relevant
e-conomic -Accounting software ERP-system including daily bookkeeping, invoicing, handling of VAT Netherlands Within EU, so not relevant
ZoHo Customer Relations Management (CRM)n Netherlands & Ireland Within EU, so not relevant
Outside EU      
Zendesk Ticket/mail customer support tool US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon) SCC
Intercom Chat support tool  US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon) SCC
Sendgrid Email service for Umbraco Cloud

Herndon, VA, Las Vegas, NV Chicago, IL

SCC Public service status page with operational information on systems and custom messages. You can subscribe to updates on the site. US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon) SCC
SurveyMonkey Polling and Feedback USA SCC
Delighted To collect NPS from survey responses sent to users that engage on our support platforms. US East (Northern Virginia) SCC
Zoom Webinar software

Netherlands (EU), Australia, US (NY and CA)

Cloudflare Caches public traffic in local servers (CDN) for public traffic for Umbraco Cloud.


GitHub GIT repositories


Slack Primarily Internal Communication tool, however, Gold Partners are invited in.




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