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A summary of the 2019 Umbraco Awards

This year's projects were once again a sight to behold.

Written by Marek Malach

Another year, another amazing Codegarden. And you know what that means... The 2019 Umbraco Awards🏆! AKA dozens of the most innovative Umbraco solutions spread across 10 categories with 10 glorious winners. So if you are looking for inspiration or just want to see the best solutions, apps and tech that the Umbraco community has come up with over the last few months, get ready to be amazed! And if you stick with us until the end, you might get a head start on the submissions for the 2020 Umbraco Awards 😉

We believe in giving credit, where credit is due. And that is why every year, during our lovely Codegarden in the heart of Denmark, we hold the Umbraco Awards ⭐ This year, the Umbraco Awards took place on the 22nd of May 2019. 

A Jury consisting of Umbraco experts from the Umbraco community and Umbraco HQ picked the winner out of 3 nominees, in 10 separate categories.

So, who were calling the shots this year? This year's Jury members were:

Elizabeth Gibbons - Director Of Client Services at Zeroseven

Shane Mardsen - Partner, Technical Director at Durable

Joel Spence - Chief Growth Officer at twentysix

Jim Jensen - Chief Support Warrior at Umbraco HQ

Anders Trans Sørensen - Major Friend Maker at Umbraco HQ

Each of the nominees is introduced by a short video and the winner gets a short comment from the jury as well. So how did everyone do this year? Let's find out:

Best Cloud Solution

The Reference with the site Vivaldis.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“There's a lot more going on here than it seems at first glance. Multivariate testing, marketing automation, Salesforce (Connexys) and Selligent integrations - and, it's bilingual as well.”

“A site that shows the ease of integration with Umbraco Cloud. A truly impressive solution!”

Best Custom Solution

Perplex Digital with the site for Wagenborg Ferry Services.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“There are a lot of moving parts in this solution, including not just software integrations but hardware ones too, for making payments. The impressive increase in sales volume speaks for itself. This solution just does it all. A full service delivered through the platform.”

Best Design

Yoyo Design with the site; A Story About Trusts

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“This site leaves me with a nice feeling and it has managed to make finding information about trusts interesting! Who knew that banking could get this sexy. Beautiful design.“

Best Editing Experience

The Scylla Group, Inc with the site; Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“Amazing use of content blocks, content options and preview functionality. An impressive array of customisations available to modules.”

Best New Tech

DotControl with the project; National Geographic Photo Contest.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“A beautiful example of how AI and an intuitive workflow can be combined to save a lot of time for all users of the site.”

Best Package

SSA Backend with the package; Tinifier.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“Brilliant and very practical tool for anyone that has ever had handed their neat, tidy and optimised site over to a content editor! Optimising images for website visitors is important for any website. Being able to do this in bulk for all images with a single click is a great time-saver. Very useful development“

Best Gold Partner Solution

Perplex Digital with the project; Wagenborg Ferry Services.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“There are a lot of moving parts in this solution, including not just software integrations but hardware ones too for making payments. It’s a forward-thinking, customer-centric implementation.”

Best Certified Partner Solution

Yoyo Design with the site; A Story About Trusts.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“Great feedback and a very nice project. Graphically very impressive, nice graphics and transitions between pages”

Jury’s Choice Award

Phosphor Ltd Trading as Phosphor Essence with the project; Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar Kiosks and POS Interface.

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

“Insanely innovative and intriguing - a true stand-out project!”

Best Content App

byte5 digital media GmbH with the app: Linked Nodes Content App.

The jury said:

"A well built, great looking and very user-friendly content app. Anyone working with publishing and maintaining content, can benefit from the Linked Nodes app."

Thank you for another amazing year

Congratulations to all the winners 🍾! And once again: A big thank you to everyone who found time to submit their solutions this year! The effort did not go unnoticed, and we dare say, that the only thing that could even come close to challenging them... would be next year's solutions 😉. On that note, we are happy to inform you that the 2020 Umbraco Awards are now open for submissions, and you have until April the 10th 2020 to share your solutions with us. See you in 2020.


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