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Announcing: Umbraco Contributing Partners 2023

43 Platinum & Gold Partners earning their stripes with the 2023 badge of honor

Kim Sneum Madsen (1)
Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

For the fourth consecutive year, it's time to shout out our rockstar Umbraco Partners who've earned the coveted ‘Contributing Partner’ title 🏆 These are the Platinum & Gold Partners who take their dedication to the next level, making a lasting impact on our open-source project and vibrant community ❤ Let's cheer for the 43 Contributing Partners of 2023 –  17 new and 26 returning champs 👏

We are thrilled to announce that in 2023, a remarkable total of 43 Platinum & Gold Partners have achieved the esteemed status of Contributing Partners! 

Much like an MVP badge for agencies, the Contributing Partner status signifies a commitment beyond the ordinary. These agencies have gone the extra mile, contributing to our open-source project and community in various ways, such as organizing events, creating documentation, and actively working to improve Umbraco. These exceptional contributions span over the past year, and the badge is awarded or renewed annually, displaying the year of recognition.

Let's take a closer look at the renewed and new Contributing Platinum & Gold Partners who have truly stood out in 2023!


New Contributing Partners for 2023

Join us in welcoming 17 new Contributing Platinum & Gold Partners from across the globe! These industry leaders have passionately embraced our open-source community, bringing fresh energy to the Umbraco family 🎉


  • BlueModus
  • Bonsai Media Group
  • Cantarus UK
  • ClerksWell
  • Cogworks
  • DotControl
  • Emergent Software
  • Enjoy Digital
  • Great State


  • ilionx
  • InGen
  • Knowit Experience
  • Koben Digital
  • Kruso A\/S
  • Luminary
  • Your IT Group Pty Ltd


Renewed Contributing Partners for 2023

Celebrating a fantastic milestone in 2023, we proudly announce 26 renewed partners who can continue to display the well-deserved Contributing Partner Badge 🙌 These partners have demonstrated unwavering commitment, and we're excited to see their continued impact on our community in the coming year.


  • Blend Interactive
  • Bump Digital
  • Carbon Six Digital
  • Crumpled Dog
  • CTI Digital
  • DEPT®
  • dotcentric
  • Ecreo
  • Equator
  • Gibe Digtial Ltd
  • Infocaster 
  • iO
  • Kraftvaerk
  • Limetta
  • Marcel Digital
  • Method4
  • Moriyama
  • Nexer Digital Limited
  • Novicell UK
  • Perplex Digital
  • ProWorks Corporation
  • Rock Solid Knowledge
  • Shout Digital
  • Tangent
  • TPXimpact
  • true digital

As for next year...

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We can’t wait to see what you’re capable of!

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