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April uProfile: Sarah Howarth

From Wales, UK comes Sarah Howarth, with bright ideas and stories to share

Sarah Howarth on vacation
Written by Sarah Howarth

As well as coordinating Umbraco events and training for her team at Method4 - Sarah Howarth is the gatherer of Welsh Umbracians at UmbraCymru. In fact, she was even one of the mind behind the idea of twinning meetup groups to work together! Come get to know Sarah on this month's uProfile 🙌

Sarah Howarth

Company name: Method4

Role (Job title): Business Manager

Location: Wales, UK 

Working with Umbraco for: 5-6 years

Currently reading: Gridlinked by Neal Asher

Sarah Howarth on vacation

The day-to-day of working with Umbraco

At Method4, I do content editing our website, internal events and training. Everyone is super friendly and helpful, and that's what keeps me coming back for more. We had the pleasure of setting up some big onsite Umbraco training sessions for our team and Andrew Barta flew over from the US to deliver them, he was so enthusiastic, everyone learned a lot and had a great week.

I think everyone is always happy when they come back from any Umbraco event!


Umbraco Training With Andrew Barta

Umbraco Training with Andrew Barta

Gathering Welsh Umbracians at UmbraCymru

Speaking of Umbraco events, I also organise UmbraCymru: The Wales Umbraco meetup, and I think our first ever UmbraCymru meetup in 2016 (or UmbCardiff as it was then) is my favourite Umbraco moment. We had no idea if anyone would come; there was certainly some nerves beforehand that we’d be left with empty seats and piles of pizza. But people came, and it was great! People stuck around after the talks and chatted over a few drinks - it was a mix of happiness and relief!


Umbracymru Virtual Meetup

UmbraCymru goes virtual

When the pizza piles clear…

My role is really varied (which I love), so I’m working on...lots of things - yikes! 

I’ve just finished some not so glamorous security audits, but I’m also looking at how fully flexible working can best work post-pandemic.

At home, I’ve just got a new desk so it’s pretty empty at the moment - there is always a coffee on the desk, though! I have my boyfriend’s Tom Penny skateboard on the wall for a bit of colour, too.


At work we've got a book club, and we’ve just started Gridlinked by Neal Asher, I don’t even know who the protagonists are yet, so far, I’ve thought that it was two people who’ve swiftly died, so I feel like it’s going to keep me on my toes.

We’ve (UmbraCymru) been collaborating with the Manchester and North West Umbraco Meetup alternating virtual meetups - thanks to Rachel Breeze for reaching out to us, it’s been great!

Tom Penny Overseeing My Work

Tom Penny overseeing my work

A meal to remember

In February 2020, I did a little trip from north to south Vietnam and ended it in Ho Chi Minh City. We sat on a roof terrace overlooking Ben Thanh Market, eating some incredible deep fried stuffed pumpkin flowers and drinking Saigon beer, it was lashing it down with rain but about 30 degrees and we had no idea that the world was about to descend into chaos. I would love to be back there. 

Coffe And Book Club 🙌

There's always a coffee on Sarah's desk!

Come and say 'helô' 

Yes - that's hello in Welsh!

You can find me on Linkedin and on Twitter at @WondermentsofSJ.




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