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Codegarden 2022: Call for Speakers is open!

Are you up next on the Codegarden stage?

Written by Ilham Boulghallat

We want the Codegarden 2022 program to be the best and broadest ever! That’s why we’re looking for talented speakers in 4 main categories: Digital Business, Developer Life, Creative and Technical. Is this you? Or someone you know? Then now is the time to submit your talk proposal in order to get the chance to share your knowledge with peers at the biggest Umbraco conference worldwide. 

As this is one of the first time we’re communicating about Codegarden 2022, let’s start with what we can share so far: 

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The latest on Codegarden 2022:

  • Codegarden 2022 will happen on June 15 - 17, 2022 (save the dates!) 

  • It will be a hybrid event, meaning there’ll be opportunities to go to the event in person or join virtually. 
  • The physical event will take place at DOKK5000 in Odense, Denmark - close to the Umbraco HQ. 

  • The event will have two tracks: Technical/Creative and Business/Commercial 

  • Ticket sales are expected to start within the next 14 days

  • Call for speakers opens today, February 10th, 2022, and ends on March 3rd, 2022 at 10 AM CET. 

More information will come soon - follow along on the Codegarden website, on social media (Twitter, Facebook), or sign up for the Umbraco newsletter in order to get the latest Codegarden news. 

Now, back to the stuff that will make Codegarden 2022 the best ever - the inspiring talks!

We Need You *pointy-finger* 

A great Codegarden experience is a combination of a mix of things - but one thing that has always been important is the quality of the program. Without this as a solid foundation for the conference, no attendees. 

Luckily, year after year, we’ve seen a growing number of recurring and new attendees and gotten great feedback on the talks and workshops at Codegarden, inspiring people to do more with Umbraco or even taking the first steps on their Umbraco journey.

And a quality program can only be achieved because we have talented people who sign up to share their knowledge and experience with peers. For 2022, maybe that’s you? 

Who can submit a talk for Codegarden

“Uh, this sounds interesting - but am I qualified to talk at Codegarden?”

You might just be! We want to put together a broad program with a wide range of speakers and topics - and new speakers are definitely welcome (previous speakers as well 😉). 

We want to hear from developers, project managers, business owners, end clients, and designers. So no matter if you have an idea for a great technical session targeting developers, a creative session targeting digital designers, or a case story targeting the business audience, Codegarden could be the right stage for you to share your knowledge.

To help you understand more specifically what type of talks you can submit for Codegarden, take a look at the 4 submission categories: 

4 categories to submit your talk under

Digital Business 

Your talk targets sales, marketing, and project managers that might have little or no technical background. The presentation is focused on case studies and enhancing client communication.


Your talk targets .NET developers or DevOps with a strong focus on code and the technical part of working with Umbraco. The talk delves into Umbraco and will give any developer an edge in the fast-moving world of the CMS and its surrounding products and services. 


Your talk targets web designers and web developers. The audience can expect design-focused talks that might contain HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, but none (or very little) .NET code.

The Developer Life

Your talk focuses on learning experiences and sharing ideas and stories that are engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking. The talk can cover career stories that inspire the audience and leave them with practical and actionable takeaways. 

The above categories are to help you submit your talk but we also welcome new ideas that you believe would be a great fit for the Codegarden audience. 

What format does the presentation have?

The sessions are planned to be 25 minutes long in which Q&A is not included. 

All speakers will be invited to follow up during “Ask The Speaker sessions” where they can interact with attendees with the help of a moderator. 

Your talk will take place at the Codegarden venue in Odense, Denmark on June 15 or 16th - travel, accommodation, and a free ticket for the full conference are included if you’re selected as a speaker. An option for doing your talk remote/virtually can be discussed. 

Ready to submit your talk?

Go for it - you might just be picked!

You are allowed to submit up to 2 proposals and the submissions will close on March 3rd, 2022, at 10 AM CET.  If your talk has been accepted, you will hear from us by the 6th of April 2022.

Want a bit of guidance before you submit? Then we’ve got just the workshop for you. Join the free virtual Codegarden 2022 Speaker Academy workshop on February 24, at 7:30 PM CET where we’ll take you through tips, help you find your niche, and send you on your way with a pep talk that should give you all the momentum you need to apply to be a speaker. You can join whether you have an idea or are in the need of inspiration - and there are no strings attached. So if you’re considering submitting a talk even a tiny bit, this workshop is for you. 

You can find further information on the call for speakers submission form - make sure you read through everything before you submit your proposals.

We look forward to hearing about what you want to share at Codegarden 2022. 

Best of luck: 

Start your submission

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