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Community talks at Codegarden 2022

Unique perspectives, awesome ideas, and captivating deep dives from Community speakers this Codegarden

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Written by Shanice Dougan

What is Codegarden without that knowledge sharing that we love so much with the Umbraco Community? Here are just some of the great talks by talented Umbraco Community members that you can't miss at Codegarden 2022!

Team workflow for Umbraco Cloud and Azure DevOps

Dave Woestenborghs, Umbraco MVP at DotControl

Dave has a solution on how to turn an Umbraco Cloud project team workflow into one similar to an on-premise project. Who knows - it might change how you see Umbraco Cloud!




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Poornima 500

Deep-dive into GraphQL querying with Umbraco Heartcore

Poornima Nayar, Freelance .NET Developer, Microsoft MVP and Umbraco MVP

Just in time for the recent enhancements and improvements of GraphQL within Umbraco Heartcore - Poornima is here to give you the deep dive you've needed! Understand GraphQL queries, and learn more about the GraphQL endpoints in Umbraco Heartcore. 



Containers and Umbraco - using Docker to host a load-balanced Umbraco website

Carl Sargunar, Technical consultant and application developer

Following on his talk at Codegarden 2021, Carl is back to discuss possibilities with Linux containers and Docker hosting. 



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Paul Seal

Umbraco Packages - These are a few of my favourite things

Paul Seal, Lead Umbraco Developer at Moriyama

Paul dives into some of the best Umbraco packages there are, and how they can actually solve real problems. If you've been pondering packages, Paul's talk is your go-to. 



Developers + Content Editors + Umbraco Deploy = ❤️

Heather Floyd, Independent Umbraco Developer

Covering "the human and technical sides of deployment" is Heather - with a demo thrown in to make this talk even more unmissable. 




Heather Floyd
Corne Profile

Introduction to Blazor & Umbraco 9

Corné Hoskam, Software Engineer at iO

With his very first Codegarden talk comes Corné Hoskam, supplementing his previous DF21 talk on Blazor and Umbraco 9 with new features and how you can use them. 




10 Umbraco features you forgot existed

Callum Whyte, Umbraco MVP, Microsoft MVP

With the Umbraco CMS progressing at an unprecedented rate, it's easy to forget the power and flexibiliy at the heart of Umbraco. UmbraCoffee host Callum Whyte will give you an insight into 10 main features you may want to revisit. 





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