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Hacktoberfest Highlights: Lunchtime Jam Sessions

Join Lunchtime Jam Sessions every Thursday at 13:00 CET

Emma Burstow
Written by Emma Burstow

What initiatives are running for Hacktoberfest 2021? How can you get involved? Here's how! Introducing: Lunchtime Jam Sessions.

Could you introduce us to your initiative?

Hacktoberfest 2021 Lunchtime Jam Sessions - 4 sessions across the month, hosted by HQ and led by our developers and community members designed to get you up close to the action and inspire collaboration. Join us each week for sessions on contributions to Tag Helpers, Package contributions, Documentation and Core contributions.

Why did you decide to start it?

Each Hacktoberfest, some incredible work goes on in our community. Some work alone, some in pairs and others at hackathons. We have spent the last year coming up with inventive ways to work together while apart and we hope to take that approach into the future.

These sessions are designed to get us talking, watching, learning and hacking together, in an informal space.

What is the main focus of your initiative?

Collaboration! We are proud to have so many contributors and we’d love to have more. Join us to see how you can make a contribution and to meet others who do. The joy of open source is working in public. Let’s take this opportunity to do that in real-time.

How can people get involved?

Join us in the General channel on the Umbraco Discord server, Thursdays at 13.00 CET. Come for a chat, come to watch or come to share. All are welcome!

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