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Join the Codegarden challenge

Fancy winning an Umbraco hoodie, and taking the Codegarden logo into your own hands?

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Written by Shanice Dougan

The biggest Umbraco conference of the year is rapidly approaching - so let's have some fun in the meantime. Get your creative hats on, dial the crazy up to 6.13% and win some Umbraco swag!

As you might know, Codegarden is not a conference like all the others... along with countless insightful sessions, there’s room for so much fun. But why wait until Codegarden itself?

We're challenging you to put your own spin on the Codegarden logo for the chance to win some Umbraco swag - a cosy Umbraco hoodie!

What the challenge entails

To take part, we're challenging you to recreate the Codegarden logo out of anything. Yes, anything!

You could use physical materials like food, wood, or balloons, or go virtual with a graphic design or a creative console application. Let your imagination take hold!

Codegarden 2022 502 X 502

Tip: You can recreate either the new half-and-half heart logo as shown above, or the full heart as shown on the right.

Mug with Codegarden logo, next to a plant

How to submit your entry

When you’re done with your Codegarden logo creation, take a picture of it and share it on Twitter by Monday, June 13th at 12 PM CEST, with the hashtags #CodegardenChallenge and #Codegarden!

As this is a Codegarden competition, only entries submitted by Codegarden ticket holders (that's all forms of Codegarden tickets) will be considered for the prize. If you haven't already, you can get your hands on those Codegarden tickets here

And the winner is… 🏆

A panel consisting of members of the Codegarden team will decide on the winner - the funniest and cleverest, with some of that Umbraco and Codegarden flair. That winner will be announced during the Thursday Dinner Party at Codegarden, and take home an umb-azing Umbraco hoodie! 

If you’re joining Codegarden in person, you’ll receive your hoodie right away - and if you’re joining us virtually, we’ll make sure to ship it out to you 🎁

Ready, set...go!

We'll be keeping an eye on those #CodegardenChallenge and #Codegarden on Twitter - and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

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