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Join the new Headless Community team

Call for participants for the new Umbraco Headless community team

Morten Christensen
Written by Morten Christensen

We are looking for people to join our new community team focused on all things headless. We’re hoping to form a group of people with diverse backgrounds i.e. users, partners, MVPs, and other people with a passion for the headless approach. The team will help provide different perspectives on working with a headless CMS through their experience and knowledge in order to further improve Umbraco Heartcore as well as headless initiatives for Umbraco in general. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Then read on and get to know more about this new team and how you can chip in:


At Umbraco, we value all the feedback that we get on our various products. It’s a crucial part of ensuring we make solid releases and relevant features and improvements. This of course comes through the various issue trackers but also through the many events, meetups, and festivals that happen throughout the year, the many blog posts and videos published, and all the other ways the friendliest community on the planet offer their opinion and ideas. 

Over the last couple of years, we’ve also seen several community teams formed, either around specific projects, such as the Unicore Team, or for specific areas such as the accessibility or package team. They have been a great way to help gather feedback, validate approaches, and ensure momentum for these areas and projects. The time has come to expand this to also include all things headless.


Why are we starting this community team now?

Over the past few months, there have been several new items added to the roadmap for Umbraco Heartcore and at this year's Codegarden it was announced that a headless API will be added to Umbraco CMS as well - so there are a lot of headless ideas and challenges to tackle going forward.

Headless is here to stay. It is a key part of our product strategy going forward and we want input and feedback on the roadmap as it evolves. The community team approach has been very successful in other areas, and we believe that the addition of a Headless Community Team will have a positive effect on Umbraco Heartcore and Umbraco CMS going forward.


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What will the team be contributing with? 

The Headless Community Team will act as an advisory team, or soundingboard if you will, for Umbraco HQ’s product and Heartcore team. So the focus is not on contributing code but more on providing insight through your knowledge and experience in the headless space. 

This can take the form of helping validate and prioritize new initiatives and roadmap items, providing feedback and ideas for new features and improvements, as well as ensuring the overall strategy is well founded in the Umbraco userbase and community.


How often will the team meet?

We plan to meet on a regular basis 4 times a year and will run it fully virtual to accommodate the potentially different time zones of the participants. In contrast to previous community teams, we don’t expect you to produce anything - only that we can rely on you showing up for the 4 meetings every year and that you’ll bring your opinions and knowledge to the table. 

The topic of the first meeting will be the Heartcore Roadmap as it looks today followed by an in-depth discussion about how to handle and communicate breaking changes. We’ll also be covering the parts of the CMS Roadmap, which includes Headless initiatives.

The meetings will be facilitated by the Umbraco Heartcore lead and Head of Cloud Platform Morten Christensen as well as Lasse Fredslund, Product Owner for the CMS.


Morten Christensen

Morten Christensen
Umbraco Heartcore lead and Head of Cloud Platform 

Lasse Fredslund

Lasse Fredslund
Product Owner for the CMS


Who can join the Headless community team? 

We’re looking to form a diverse team of people with different backgrounds and experiences. We’re of course hoping to see current users of Umbraco Heartcore join the team but anyone with a passion for working with headless CMS’ are encouraged to join.

So, if you are a developer (front- and back-end are welcome) that work with headless (be it Heartcore, Umbraco, or others), we would welcome your insight and knowledge. If you have experience with technology in or adjacent to the headless space such as: 

  • Static HTML generators like Hugo, Gatsby, Gridsome, Eleventy or Jekyll
  • NextJs
  • Remix
  • Netlify
  • GraphQL
  • OpenAPI
  • Mobile apps using Xamarin, iOS, Android
  • Headless ecommerce

We want to get input from people that are focused on headless development, and that covers a lot more than just the development side of things. So, if you represent an agency, a customer, a technology partner, if you’re a content editor, an IT architect, in technical sales, or an MVP - we also encourage you to let us know your interest through the application form below.


Interested? Let us know!

The application closes on August 16, 2022 (at 4 pm CEST). Shortly thereafter, we hope to be able to welcome 8-10 members with different backgrounds to the Headless Community Team - maybe you are one of them?

Go to the application

If you have any questions about this community team feel free to reach out to


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