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MVP Connect

A forum for Umbraco MVPs to connect, share, and hear from HQ

Written by Ilham Boulghallat

Last Wednesday, we held our first MVP Connect. MVP Connect is a new (virtual) event for the Umbraco MVPs -Most Valuable People- and HQ to connect, share news/upcoming plans, and to initiate discussions. A forum for Umbraco HQ and a group of highly involved community members to connect? A no-brainer you would say. And we agree. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t start at earlier stages of the MVP program, but it’s great to finally see it happen. It is also great to be able to acknowledge the work the MVPs do by making sure their voice is heard and their access to information is easy. So how did the first MVP Connect go?

Updates, questions, feedback, and friendly chats 

MVP Connect was planned as a 2-hour session combining presentations from HQ and Q&A sessions. 

43 brilliant MVPs were able to join as participants and followed the discussions around the themes covered in the event’s agenda: 

👉 HQ status with a focus on the impact of Covid-19

👉 Future of the MVP Program

👉 Product update and roadmap

Each of the three themes generated several questions and comments from the participants. And in their true nature of solution-oriented Umbracians, the MVPs made sure to focus on the potential improvement areas and to provide constructive feedback on elements they found lacking or unclear.

What made MVP Connect stand out was not only the exchanges between the MVPs and HQ but most importantly the interactions between the MVPs themselves.

As one of the participants highlighted, the chance to hear “the informed questions from fellow MVPs and the responses to them was particularly useful, teasing out something that possibly otherwise wouldn't be considered to the same level”

It is this aspect that we hope future MVP Connect sessions, along with a closer collaboration between HQ and the MVPs, can amplify. Getting the people together and offering them a space to interact and feel heard.

Feedback is valuable 

And what is even more valuable is to be able to work with feedback that reflects a wider perception and experience by the community. 

With 61 MVPs based in different countries, we have a good chance of capturing insights from the wider Umbraco community. So if you happen to attend a local or virtual Umbraco meetup that has an MVP or more in the crowd, make sure to say Hi and share your thoughts and hopes for the future of the CMS.   

The Umbraco MVPs are friendly ambassadors and care highly about representing and supporting the different community members.  

You can see the complete list of current MVPs on the Our website

Next MVP Connect 

October 7th, 2020 it is! 🙌

That’s the date we chose for the second MVP Connect. We’re filled with excitement from the previous MVP Connect and we simply can’t wait for the next one! 

For the next events, we are considering factors such as taking into account the different time zones, providing content with individual product-focused chats to allow for more discussion, and creating an inclusive space where everyone can join the conversation.  

However, this doesn’t mean that all communication with the MVPs will need to wait until the next MVP Connect. We will make sure to keep the communication channels open and to work closely with Umbraco Most Valuable People. 

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