Alina-Magdalena Tincas in Odense, Denmark

New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Animated Alina

Our enthusiastic new SWAT addition loves anime, art, and finding solutions to your tech problems

Alina-Magdalena Tincas
Written by Alina-Magdalena Tincas

When you reach out to Support, chances are you want to talk to someone friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable 🧠 Look no further than Alina! She's been studying in Denmark since 2016 but helping people find solutions to their tech problems since forever. Plus, she's got some skills with digital art. Check it out 🎨

Hello! 😊 👋

My name is Alina, and I am one of the new additions to the S.W.A.T. Team: a friendly Support Warrior and Troubleshooter.

Here I will help clients, customers and curious people who reach out to the support team by answering any questions they have when working with Umbraco and finding solutions to problems within Umbraco or Umbraco Products. 

I’ll always keep a smile on my face and do my best when offering my support 😄


A little bit about my passion and Umbraco:

Ever since I was small, I have always been a curious person who liked to try new things and work with technology.

From setting up wallpaper and changing a ringtone to going into in-depth settings about the phone, printing from the computer, changing a cartridge, sending message attachments, creating a folder on desktop etc., I always found myself happily and patiently helping my family. 

With this in mind, after finishing high school for Economics in 2015, I wanted to continue studying something related to technology. 

I was inspired by my big brother’s example as he studied Multimedia Design and Communication in Denmark, which led me to go for the same education in hopes of finding my dream.


How my journey in Denmark began 😁

Alina-Magdalena Tincas in Odense, Denmark

Finding my angel wings in Odense, Denmark

I have been in Odense, Denmark since February 2016, where I studied “Multimedia Design and Communication” and “Web Development” at UCL for 3.5 years. 

Learning everything about websites and anything related to them, I found myself most passionate about the front-end and design part of the websites, especially working with a CMS like Wordpress.

Over the past years, I have also done internships where I worked with design, video-editing, mockups, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. During this time, I helped a lot of people with feedback and guidance on Wordpress and phone problems, which made me consider pursuing this job. I realized that I enjoy working with people and technology and finding solutions.

The first time I came across Umbraco was while studying Web Development in 2018. Since then, Umbraco has evolved enormously with easier, faster, simpler and friendlier solutions such as Umbraco Uno, Umbraco Cloud and Umbraco Heartcore. 

I am still learning about Umbraco and its products, but so far I am eager to give Umbraco Uno a spin. While I have worked a lot with Wordpress, I always knew that Umbraco is a better CMS solution. For example, Uno requires no coding or programming knowledge and comes with better features alongside Umbraco Cloud and Umbraco Forms. #h5YR


How I occupy my free time

Apart from my academics and professional skills, I am a person who enjoys every little thing in life, and loves sweets, lights, and graffiti art.

In my free time, I create digital portraits and illustrations, watch series, play games, take pictures, and learn Danish.

Alinamagdalenatincas Hobbies 1280X352

My art is often based on anime.

I created the middle two illustrations in the above photo. In the first image, you can find me on the lap of my favorite anime character from the anime called “Nana.”

For now, I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about Umbraco and its products, along with a good, fast and easy way to help clients and customers with solutions to their problems. And if possible who knows, maybe even coming up with ideas to make Umbraco better! :)

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