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New hire at Umbraco HQ: Patrick Thompson

Welcome to the team, Patrick 👋

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Written by Patrick Thompson

Hello, Patrick 😃 ! Our latest addition to our sales and partner team, The SUITS. With a bag full of experience and a friendly nature - and a friend of nature - we're confident Patrick is a great fit for Umbraco! Based in South Carolina, US, Patrick will help us spread the word of Umbraco in the land of opportunity 🇺🇸  Get to meet him today:     

Hello, I’m Patrick!

I am a new Account Executive with Umbraco as part of the SUITS-team - based in the US. My purpose is to be an advocate for our partnerships and to let Umbraco users know about all the great benefits of these partnerships. 

Benefits like: the variety of training we offer in order to increase your knowledge and skills using the Umbraco CMS and when partners become part of the Umbraco family, we provide sales and marketing support to help them out. And that’s just some of the benefits!

What’s my background?

I am naturally driven to help people, so it makes sense that I’ve been in Sales for over 30 years. I like to solve puzzles and find solutions, which has been an asset for me as I have helped customers and their businesses throughout my career. There is something deeply gratifying in using knowledge and experience to help someone find answers for their business problems, objectives, and long-term goals. 

Starting with a degree in Business Management and working with small business owners as well as corporate executives has helped me grasp each group’s mindset and given me an understanding of what small and medium businesses are looking to accomplish.

I’ve worked with independent small business owners, worked in the consumer packaged goods supply chain, and helped companies with their computer hardware and software needs. I’ve also worked for years in restaurants and even spent some time in construction. Each experience has taught me something about myself and the world around me. 

Why Umbraco?

Working for a software company and connecting with a large user community is a great match for me. Using experience, innate qualities, and professionalism, I can help contribute to the success of Umbraco and our partner agencies. Likewise, I feel we should never stop learning, so I look forward to adding to my knowledge and abilities here!

A little bit about me:

As I mentioned earlier, I like puzzles. I play word games and solitaire on my phone when killing time, and rarely miss an episode of Jeopardy!

I enjoy running and a little weight-training to stay in shape, and my wife and I like to explore new things. We’ll go on nature walks with our two dogs when time allows, or drive around the area looking for interesting things to experience. I’m also a big fan of sci-fi and spy shows and movies. 

I like to ride my motorcycle and get out on the open road whenever I can. It’s fun to just pick a destination based on how much time I have and go. I inevitably get lost trying to navigate back roads by memory, but that’s half the fun. When I decide I’ve had enough exploring, I’ll use my phone to navigate home. But that time on the road is meditative and helps me clear my mind and put things into perspective. 

Speaking of exploring, I was born in the Chicago area but have moved a few times. My wife and I love to travel, but I believe you don’t really get to know an area until you live there for a while. I guess moving twice as a teenager due to my father changing jobs kind of bit me with the bug, so over time I have lived in Illinois, Connecticut, Ohio, Colorado, and now South Carolina.

My wife and I are already talking about where we might go next, but it’s starting to look like we’re going to stay in South Carolina. Maybe on the coast. It’s been great to experience the natural beauty our world has to offer.

I look forward to meeting and working with the Umbraco community!

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