Friday, August 31, 2018

New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Pedro Ortega

Hello, world! 😃

My name is Pedro Ortega and recently I’ve discovered the wonderful world of Umbraco. 

I’m a Computer Science student and I’m the new intern and “code apprentice” at the Umbraco HQ D-Team. More specifically, I have been granted the honorable opportunity to work with the code magicians of the Cloud-Team.

With that said, my role will be to learn the amazing functionality of Umbraco Cloud, the technologies used for it and with the knowledge gained every day, be able to contribute to the project (with the support of my amazing buddy Kristian).

I’m glad to see this big community surrounding Umbraco and also that it’s HQ is based right here in Odense - the birthplace of H. C. Andersen!

Since the start of my internship, I have received the most friendly and welcoming reception I have ever experienced. All the people here make this the best working environment I could’ve imagined. They work hard but believe me, it doesn’t feel that hard mainly because they can be professionals and funny and competent and relaxed all at the same time.

Me and my buddy KristianMe and my HQ buddy, Kristian.

Who am I?

Regarding myself, my big interest in computers and electronics started when I was very young. In high school, I learned the concepts behind the workings of both computers and electronics (a big thanks to José de Jesus Gama, my fantastic teacher!)

After spending some years working in different areas (such as remote IT assistance or banking at Barclays) I decided to embrace a new phase of my life and study abroad - Oh, did I mention that I’m from Portugal? ;)

My hunger to learn more lead me to my first experience in the UK where I studied for a year, and now, Denmark.

What I do in my spare time

I like to meet new people. That’s why you can often see me at 3F (Fagligt Fælles Forbund/United Federation of Danish Workers) being part of the organization of events. These events are very different from each other but they are related to important topics in the society. We also arrange meetings to discuss politics and try to bring new ideas that can benefit everyone.

Meeting regarding labor rights at 3F in Copenhagen

Actually, I have multiple interests.

Since a very young age I started to develop an interest about astronomy, the mysteries of the Universe, the concepts of the Cosmos and how could the humanity be able to reach other moons and planets in search for the immortal question: Are we alone?

Often I attended lectures/sessions at the Lisbon Planetarium on Saturday nights, observing the night sky and our planets and talk with other astronomy lovers.

The beauty of astronomy is the science of the people. Everyone is free to pick up a telescope like Galileo, point to the night sky and explore the unknown. Afterall we are just a tiny spot in the infinite universe.

Me exploring the universe

Lisbon Planetarium

Another hobby of mine: electronics and mechanics.

10 years ago I bought a car and I got interested in doing all the repairs myself. So once in a while, my mom was upset to see me entering the house with some oil on the shoes 😝

I still have the car - it’s parked in Portugal though 😉 

Another similar interest of mine is British automobiles. I like the combination of elegance, prestige and performance. The unmistakable prestige of a Jaguar, the elegance of a Rover or the heritage and performance of a MG really caught my attention. Because of that, I’m part of the British Car Club enthusiasts in Portugal, UK and also here in Denmark.

Replacing the A/C radiator unit

So, overall you could say, my interest is in fact learning; learn a bit every minute, every day, and try to become a better person. This is the spirit that drives me.

Here at Umbraco, I’m sure this nice opportunity will have me learning even more.

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