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Welcome, Rebeka!

Get to know the newest member at Umbraco HQ!

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With a passion for Sales and Marketing and a love for exploring new cultures and talking to new people - Rebeka has proven the perfect match for Suits! Find out what her new job at Umbraco is all about... and how she likes to keep active in her spare time ☕️

Me and Umbraco...

Hi everyone, my name is Rebeka Dzuríková and I’m the new member of Umbraco HQ ✋ I work within the really friendly sales team called “Suits”, where we maintain and grow the partner base consisting of digital agencies all over the world. 

One of my main responsibilities is to get in touch with the potential partners through the phone and present them to Umbraco’s main partner programs, but also help them get a good experience with our products and services. 

I’m really excited to start calling our partners and eventually, onboard new ones.

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Who am I?

I’m 20 years old and I currently study and live in Odense. I moved here exactly 1 and a half years ago after spending almost my whole life in Slovakia in a small city called Bytča. The reason why I said almost, is because I have spent one year of my high school studies in Utah, USA. This exchange year helped me gain knowledge in the Sales and Marketing area. And after a few part-time jobs in this field, I have decided that this is something I want to study and work with in the future.

So here I am, currently studying International Sales and Marketing Management at UCL, Odense and having my internship at Umbraco! And let me tell you - working in a friendly, international and professional company is the best experience I can get!

Now when you know why Umbraco is the best and it's obvious why I chose it, maybe you wonder: “Why did you choose Denmark?”. Well, once I heard about Hygge: “Quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment, or well-being.” And I feel like that’s the same as when someone says: “It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy,” but for me it’s always stressy, depressy, lemon zesty😂 But don’t get confused by my bad humor, I am loving it here in Denmark💗

Me outside of the “Work-Student” life…

I would say that I have always been a little bit of an adventurous soul. Travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people is what I enjoy the most because it helps me to gain knowledge of new countries and cultures. 

But after all, it is always a good feeling to return home to Slovakia. Also if you're a fan of mountains, beautiful nature and hikes as I am, then I think Slovakia is really worth visiting 🌲 

Slovakia Rebeka

It was during travelling I discovered my passion for taking pictures. It doesn’t matter if I’m behind the camera or in front of the camera. Because every picture tells a story. And my fully covered wall of pictures in my room can tell a thousand stories 📷

Besides travelling, sports are another thing I like to do in my free time. During winter it’s skiing, I love the speed, the fresh coat of snow and to be surrounded by mountains. 

When the winter is over it’s time for tennis season. I've played tennis professionally since I was 5 years old and I love it, even though I don’t have enough time to practise now. 

Coffe Rebeka

But I’m not always as active as it looks, hah. Everyone needs to take a little break sometimes. And my favourite way to do so, is in a coffee shop, with a cup of good coffee, music and the right person to chat with. So if you know of some nice, cozy coffee shops around, or you just want to go out for a cup of coffee, let me know!☕

Good start, even better ending…

For me the best start or end of the day you can get is with a view of sunrise and sunset because those are daily proof that the day can start and end beautifully, the rest in-between is up to us. 

Sunrise Rebeka

So far, the first days in Umbraco have been as great as the sunrises. The vibe at the office is very nice and I feel really welcomed and comfortable at HQ and when talking to people from the friendly Umbraco community. 

I believe that my position here will allow me not just to work in an exciting and friendly team but will also give me the opportunity to develop new skills. 

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