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Welcome, Martin!

Let's get to know our new DevOps team lead 🙌

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Written by Martin Bentancour

We got a new DevOps team lead! 🙌 And we're thrilled to be introducing him to you today 🤩 Say hello to Martin! 👋 He's from Uruguay and he's simply nailing the expat life ✨ After building his career in 3 different countries, he fell in love with Odense and decided to stay 😉 But, we'll just let him tell you all about it: 

Hi! I’m Martin 👋

I am the new DevOps team lead at Umbraco HQ and my main responsibility is to ensure the stable operations of our infrastructure. The team I am responsible for covers a wide range of tasks, from automating and delivering our cloud-based offerings to our clients, to providing tools and equipment to our employees.

The path to where I am, has been interesting, and during the 12 or so years of my career, I have gone through a couple of big changes. The first one was changing from software development to operations, and the second was specializing in cloud services while leading teams and mentoring colleagues. 

I also have a book published by IBM which was released in 2011, back when I worked with Java EE Application Servers. 

Why Umbraco?

A dynamic environment, plenty of technical challenges and a large community involvement certainly sound like the perfect match for me, where I can contribute and use my professional experience but also continue growing along with the company. This is a journey I’m really looking forward to.


About me

I am 33 years old and I am originally from Uruguay. The first thing people usually ask me when I tell them where I’m from is either “I’ve never met anyone from there before” or “how did you end up in Odense?” That last question is one that usually takes more than a couple of minutes. 

Work has taken me around the world, and I’ve lived in Canada, The Netherlands, and now Denmark. In fact, before living in Denmark, I had never changed jobs without moving countries. That changed when I moved to Odense in 2017 and fell in love with the life of a smaller city, with a population of 1/5 of the smallest city I had lived in before. 

In my spare time, I like to spend my time playing the guitar or making noise with any other instrument I can get my hands on. I’ve been playing since I was a kid and, as BB King once said, “I’m gonna play this thing until the day I die”

I also enjoy cycling, both around Fyn and in the virtual worlds of Zwift. I am a very competitive person, so once I had a taste of racing, I got hooked right away. Last year I rode the Fyen Rundt, and after experiencing riding in a big, competitive group, I ended up signing up for a few more cycling events in the following months. I had quite a busy schedule for 2020 starting with the 173km route of the Fyen Rundt on May 8th, but due to the current situation, it will have to wait.

So, that was a bit about me. Thank you for staying along - until next time! 

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