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New Hire to Umbraco HQ: Mikkel Bang

Mikkel is a gaming lover, web dev student, and intern in our Support team.

Mikkel Bang headshot - a white man with stubble and without hair wearing a dark gray shirt against a blue and gold background
Written by Mikkel Bang

Hey there! My name is Mikkel Bang, I’m 27 years old and I’m currently part-time on the SWAT team as I study web development at UCL.

Me & Umbraco

I started in web development from computer science. In the past, I had a disappointing internship where I sat in a corner and edited HTML, CSS, and picture sizes… Then one day, Director of Support Jim Jensen came into my class and told us about SWAT, which sounded like exactly what I wanted from my next internship.

Mikkel Bang headshot - a white man with stubble and without hair wearing a dark gray shirt against a blue and gold background

After applying for the position in SWAT, it occurred to me that I needed to be proactive to make sure I got a response from a position I really wanted, and didn’t repeat my last experience.

With that in mind, I waited a week and then wrote to ask if my application was received. Luckily, I got back a happy message. Fast forward to now: I’m part of SWAT here at Umbraco!

About me

I have always been a gamer, starting with old-school Game Boys and PlayStation 1 to now being on a PC with multiple monitors. 

I have a passion for World of Warcraft (WOW) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) in particular. My PC gaming started with vanilla WOW the old-school way, where you bought the game and had to install it using 8 CDs… then use all your spare time running around killing boars.

When CSGO came out, I played that casually and eventually got into skins, which 10 years later is still something I'm looking into and spending my time (and money) on. Even if I’m not GlobalElite (the highest rank in CSGO), it’s still a lot of fun to play it with a full team of friends.

Csgo Inv

I also love watching series and anime along with reading manga / manhwa / manhua (in order, that is Japanese, Korean, and Chinese comics). I have watched 250+ series and read 100+ series, and a lot of them are still ongoing.

See you around!

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