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New Hire to Umbraco HQ: The Nifty Nix

Props, packages and web development. Nix is a person of many talents!

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Written by Nix Chaves-Solorzano

Our new growth specialist Nix can build anything from props from movies and games that they love, to packages that can help improve the Umbraco experience. Nix is helping to improve the awareness of Umbraco in the US, while they also have a chance to improve their skills in web development 💪 

Hey there, everyone! It’s nice to finally introduce myself, I’m Nix!

I’ve joined Umbraco as a Growth Specialist working with SUITS to extend Umbraco’s reach in the US! I’ll also work to improve my web development skills and Umbraco knowledge, starting with the training on extending the Umbraco backoffice.


Nix headshot


First things first, it’s important to say that I’m Non-Binary and I use They/Them pronouns! 

All that really means is that I don’t identify with the typical gender roles I was assigned at birth and feel more comfortable with a more neutral expression of my gender. As for pronouns in a situation where you’d refer to someone with he/she, I prefer they, and with him/her I use them.

I understand that this can be new for a lot of people so feel free to reach out and ask any questions you’d like!



Aside from seeing the name Umbraco a few times on different forums when trying to learn more about web development, my first introduction to Umbraco was from my now-coworker, Davis

We’ve worked together since high school, starting with our Computer Engineering course, where we always had each other’s back from project to project. To take our love for computers to the next level, we continued our education with early college courses on computer networking while still in high school. Now, we study Computer Science together.

When Davis told me that an opportunity opened up to work with Umbraco, I jumped at the opportunity! Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful and friendly people here, from Danes to Americans. Every last person has been welcoming and accepting of my identity, which has been a breath of fresh air - thank you.


Nix and their colleagues

My first Friday at the office we celebrated the new interns coming onboard, in addition to me becoming an Umbraco Professional



So the oddest thing about me - and I tell anyone who will listen - are my hobbies, specifically that I like collecting them. 

I find myself obsessed with learning about new topics, and as a result, I’ve amassed a collection of artistic pursuits like writing and playing music. 

Right now I’m loving metal music and listening to bands like Slipknot and Falling in Reverse. I enjoy all the incredible sounds and energy these artists create with their music: Everything from the vocals to drums to guitars are brutally raw, and it grabs my attention with no remorse, speaking as both a listener and a player. 

I also build props from movies, shows, and games I love! Just recently, I finished up a set of swords from the show Demon Slayer, which has been one of my favorite creations to date. But my hobbies don’t stop there!


Prop swords Nix made


I’m excited to meet you! 😊


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