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Written by Sofie Toft Kristensen

I’ve got something very exciting to share with you today: We have officially opened for application to become a Documentation Curator “Intern” 😍 It’s your chance to test your Umbraco skills while you help improve the Umbraco Documentation and get the full open source experience. Find out if it’s something for you - and get your application in by the 21st of Feb!

It’s 2020! Are you ready to get involved?

So many great initiatives and new things are coming to the Umbraco Documentation in 2020 - I’m practically itching to get started!

First on the long list, is The Documentation Curator “Internship”, which I introduced to you briefly in my December blog post. Didn’t see it? Don’t worry. You can find all you need to know in this blog post, so just keep on reading 🤓

is the Curator “Internship”?

… and why do I put it in quotation mark 🤔

It is your chance to join forces with the Documentation Curators for 6 months and do your part to make the Umbraco Documentation better and test both your Umbraco skills and your writing skills.

I’ve used the quotation marks, because it’s not really an internship in the traditional sense. Not a junior ‘making the tea’ kind of training assignment and there will not be a test or exam at the end - unless of course you want one 😉

So, what is it then? I’ll tell you:

We know that so many of you Umbracians out there are sitting on piles of knowledge, that you want to share with the world. Many of you have already written articles and helped us improve the Umbraco Documentation. However, once in a while we feel a bit short-handed when it comes to helping and supporting your efforts. This makes us sad, so we felt an official internship might be the perfect way to encourage and support these bursts of immense effort - without you feeling the pressure or need to commit long-term.

Is this you?

You might be really keen on joining one of our Community teams, but don’t really feel you have the time to fully commit to it. We realize it can be time-consuming to join one of these teams “full-time”, so we’ve come up with an idea to let you try it out for 6 months at a time - hence an “Internship”.

Jeavon, Damiaan, Marc and I have all been curating the Umbraco Documentation for 2 years, and we feel it’s time to get some fresh eyes on the project. We still enjoy the work immensely and have lots of ideas, and simply think it would be great with some new perspectives - new impetus and enthusiasm even. 

Umbraco Documentation Curator Team

should you sign-up for the internship?

Now, that was a bit about the internship itself, but I bet you’re wondering: “Why should I do this? What’s in it for me?”

There are sooo many benefits - let me give you a few of them:

  • Challenge yourself by help documenting the tools you use on a daily basis
  • Get the full open source experience by contributing to the open source Documentation for an open source CMS - it’s almost contrib-ception 🤯
  • Share your own expert-knowledge about Umbraco - when you work with a tool on a daily basis, it makes you an expert 😉
  • Get support and mentoring from the Documentation Curators - who are all highly knowledgeable about Umbraco and development

Oh, and it will look great on your resumé! 

can apply for a Curator “Internship”?

… am I qualified? 🤔

YES, you are qualified! Considering that you’re reading this post on the official Umbraco Blog - you qualify for the Curator “Internship”.

As an Umbraco-novice you might have been frustrated with our Documentation when trying to learn the ropes and getting to know Umbraco - why not turn that frustration into something productive, and help us make the Documentation more friendly for new-comers? Being new to the Umbraco-scene, you would have a perfect approach to that task.

Did you know that, that’s kind of how I started working with the Umbraco Documentation? And now I work with it full-time - and I love it! Writing documentation and explaining to others how to use the products and their various features - that has by far been my biggest source of learning during these past three years I’ve been working for Umbraco.

As an Umbraco-expert, having worked with Umbraco for many years, you’re most likely sitting on a lot of knowledge that a lot of people could benefit from. Taking part in the Curator “Internship”, you will get the support you need to share your knowledge with the world - well, with the Umbraco Community for starters at least 😇

So, as you can see - the Documentation Curator Internship is for everyone and anyone! 

In fact, I’m also encouraging all my colleagues at Umbraco HQ to participate in this “internship”.

will you be working on?

In terms of what you will be working on, we have a long list of tasks for every skill level. The list is almost endless, but here’s a few of them:

  • Help get the current documentation updated for Umbraco 8
  • Define a better structure for the “Getting Started” documentation
  • Work on a visual gallery of Backoffice components and directives

Keep in mind that these are just ideas. You might already have an idea for a project you would like to work on or perhaps a favorite section in the Documentation? In either case, we strongly encourage you to bring your own ideas and projects to the table. As I mentioned - we are keen to get new perspectives onboard!

You can find more details about each of these projects and ideas on our community pages on Our.

does the “Internship” start?

The first round of the  Curator “Internship” will start on the 3rd of March 2020 and be concluded 6 months later at the end of August 2020. 

You will be invited to join our bi-weekly (fort-nightly) online meetings, where we talk about the current state of the Documentation, relevant issues and PRs and other things, big and small, regarding the Documentation. It’s all very casual and laid-back, with only the occasional appearance of an official agenda.

How much work you put into it during your time as a Curator “Intern” is entirely up to you. 

do I apply for the “Internship”?

… Okay, okay,  I’m sold! Where do I sign up? 🤩

That’s really, really easy, actually! We’ve set up an application form with a few easy questions - I promise that you’ll know the answers to all of them 😉

Apply for the Curator “Internship”

The application form will be open until February 21st. After that,  we will evaluate all incoming applications and pick out two people for the first Curator “Internship” round.

You are of course more than welcome to get in touch with us directly if you have any questions or comments about the “Internship” and the application process.

Write to or find us on Twitter.


I know I’ve already kept you for quite some time by now, but I just really want to share some numbers with you as well. They look amazing this time! See for yourself:

Docs Numbers February2020

And on top of that, more and more articles are being verified against Umbraco 8 every day. It’s so amazing to see how so many of you are helping out!
There’s still a bit of work to do - why don’t you head over to our Issue Tracker and see, if there’s something you can help with?

That’s all I have for you today!
If you haven’t already - hurry up and apply for the Curator “Internship” 😄

Until next time.

All The Best Sofie

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