Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sofie's Docs Diary Vol. 6: Hotfixes, restarts and Codegarden

Since my last Docs Diary entry I’ve been working with a few different things - some brand new articles as well as updating existing ones:


My main focus though, has been on writing documentation on how you can apply a hotfix directly to a Live environment on an Umbraco Cloud project.

There are two ways to handle these hotfixes, and I’ve written a guide for each approach. Oh, and I’ve also made some nice “animations” to show how each approach works!

Find the 2 guides here: Hotfixes on Umbraco Cloud 

ScreenshotA small peek of one of the new hotfix guides.

Restarts on Umbraco Cloud

Besides this brand new documentation on hotfixes, I’ve also added a few sections about restarts on an Umbraco Cloud projects. More specifically, I’ve documented when an Umbraco Cloud environment restarts and how you can also do this manually.


You can find it in the Deployment article.

HTTPS certificate

Finally, I’ve also updated the article about security certificates on Umbraco Cloud projects. More specifically, I’ve added the steps you need to take in order to bind an HTTPS certificate to your Cloud environment - and added a little gif as well.


Learn how to add an HTTPS certificate to your Cloud environment


New PRs and Issues

It’s so fantastic to see how you are all continuing to contribute to the Umbraco Documentation! Or, as Georgs would say, it’s Umbazing 😉

The Issue Tracker and the list of PR’s are both filled with all kinds of exciting stuff:



… And a bunch of other great stuff - H5YR!


Want to pitch in? Have a look at my blog post about how best to contribute.





What time is it? ⏰

It’s Codegarden time!

Well.. very close at least - 1 week to be exact! All the Documentation Curators are going to be at Codegarden this year - Me, Marc Goodson, Damiaan Peeters and Jeavon Leopold.

As I also mentioned in my last documentation update we are doing a little Meet’n’Greet on Day 3 - Friday. We are planning to be available around lunch time Friday - keep an eye out for details on Twitter!


Oh, and if you’re interested, remember to come see my talk Thursday morning on the Lightning Talks stage where I will tell all about my journey with the Umbraco Documentation (Marc and Damiaan are also doing talks at Codegarden - Marc together with Lee Kelleher on Applying Atomic Design to Umbraco and Damiaan on Magically integrating external data - both on Thursday the 24th of May)


See you? 😃


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