Friday, March 23, 2018

Spend 5 minutes and help Josefine graduate

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Take the 5 minute survey now >> 

Ready? naaah... then get to know Josefine and the reason behind this survey a bit better first:

Who’s Josefine?


Helly everyone! My name is Josefine and in collaboration with the Umbraco HQ COMAnauts (The Communications and Online Marketing Astronauts to be more exact!), I’m working on my master thesis. My master thesis is about how Umbraco practices digital branding on social media with a focus on creating and maintaining relationships.

I’m currently studying my master’s degree in International Business Communication at The Southern University of Denmark in Odense, which I (with the help from you guys) will finish this summer.

The Survey

The survey is about Umbraco on social media, especially with a focus on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which is why you need to follow at least one of these channels in order to participate in the survey. I promise the survey will only take 5 minutes (tops!) and you can expect a maximum of 13 brief questions depending on how many social media channels you follow.

Your answers will be used for my master thesis about Umbraco’s use of social media and also for Umbraco HQ to better get to know your thoughts and impressions of them on these platforms.

Your answers are therefore extremely valuable for my project and Umbraco HQ so we can get insights directly from the people Umbraco is communicating to on social media - you! 😃

So if you want to help me and your favourite CMS out, go ahead and take the short survey now >>

In a few months, when I’m done writing my thesis, I will present the results from both your survey answers and the general outcome of my very interesting research here on the Umbraco blog. So stay tuned!

Why Umbraco?

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Umbraco until my brother-in-law Joachim, who is a developer in the Umbraco HQ Development Team, introduced me to this fantastic workplace. I was immediately intrigued. Their different culture, their many office unicorns and their fun approach to being a different kind of B2B company, is just truly inspiring.

Joachim and Umbraco HQ

Since I already have experience with B2C companies on social media, I thought Umbraco would be the perfect match for me to dive deeper into how they communicate and use social media. Also, because B2B companies sell much more complex products, it will be interesting to find out how Umbraco use the same assets of social media as B2C companies do. Is it different? If so, how? 🤔

Got 5 minutes?

In order to make kick-ass research for Umbraco HQ and me, I need the help from the friendliest Community in the world – you guys! I’d love to get YOUR opinion on how Umbraco is doing on various social media platforms:

Take the 5 min SoMe survey now >> 

The biggest high five and thank you for participating! 😃 🙌


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