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The Codegarden Drinks Pull Request is calling

It has become a beautiful tradition. Beer (or any drink for that matter) Pull Request is back for #CG18

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Written by Niels Hartvig

Sharing is caring, kindness is the currency in open source, Umbraco is the Friendly CMS. But words are easy and actions are hard. At least that’s how the saying goes. But listen - it doesn’t have to be that hard, because the kindest, friendliest and most caring pull request challenge of the year is back - it’s of course the Codegarden Pre-Party Drinks Pull Request. Puzzled…? Read on…

Did you know that Codegarden actually starts... before it starts? Ahem… what? Yes, before we kick in the biggest Umbraco conference in the world, we also host the Codegarden Pre-Party at Umbraco headquarters. It’s a great way to warm up before you set out to embrace all of those knowledge-packed Codegarden sessions.

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This time around the Codegarden Pre-Party will be held on May 22nd (Tuesday) at 19:30 at Umbraco HQ. So once you settle in at your hotel or AirBnB, don’t forget to stop by and meet fellow Umbracians. Bonus point - you get to see how we live here at HQ.

Now about that Drinks Pull Request…

Two years ago we set out to make the Codegarden Pre-Party friendlier than ever by opening up the Umbraco HQ office and inviting all Codegarden attendees over for a good time. Of course that also meant something to drink, but that got us thinking - could we somehow challenge the status quo of just getting a bunch of beers on tap flowing and instead do something in the spirit of contributing?

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Enter the friendliest and funniest pull requests ever

We ended up asking people to send pull requests in the form of beers (or other types of drinks) and while our hopes were high, the community surprised us by far. In the weeks leading up to Codegarden a day didn’t go by without sweating (and swearing) people from DHL, UPS and the Danish Post delivering new packages with all kinds of beer from many parts of the world.

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Contribute and help get Codegarden off to a fantastic start

If you’re coming to Codegarden this year, imagine how awesome it is to turn up to a party with drinks from all over the world, showing what a great and diverse community we have. But remember - talk is silver, so make sure you and your company will participate.

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You can either just bring it when you arrive at the party or you can do as the wonderful people from mindrevolution, Zone Digital, Moriyama, Offroadcode or UmbLondon did (see photos above and below) and send it to the Umbraco HQ. Our address is:

Umbraco A/S
Unicorn Square
Haubergsvej 1
DK-5000 Odense C

#h5yr! (And, you know, we'll share our appreciation for your contributions on our social media channels ⬇️)


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