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Umbraco's first-ever Impact Report

Driving Positive Change in the CMS World!

Kim Sneum Madsen (1)
Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

We are proud to present our first-ever Impact Report. This report highlights our relentless pursuit of positive change in the CMS world in 2022. From empowering our community to championing sustainability and inclusivity, we have tried to make a profound impact in various areas. Join us as we share the achievements and initiatives that define Umbraco's commitment to driving meaningful change. Download the 2022 report now to be inspired.

Welcome to our first-ever Impact Report 

We are thrilled to present our inaugural Impact Report, outlining our unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the CMS industry. As this is the first time doing this, I’d like to start by sharing a few words on “why”:

At Umbraco, we firmly believe that the success of a business goes beyond financial performance. It is also about our commitment and responsibility to shape a better future for the CMS industry and make a tangible impact on the world around us. We believe that transparency and accountability are essential in our journey towards positive change and that is why we have decided to sum up our impact in various areas and share this with you and anyone curious about our efforts. 

Is this then a report that shows how we’ve solved all the challenges in the CMS industry? No. Most of the challenges that the industry is facing are complex and may even take years, or decades, to resolve. But by being aware of the challenges, we are able to take action and we're determined to make a difference in the areas where we can make an impact. Sharing this report is also our way of hopefully inspiring our stakeholders to think about their own impact. And if you see opportunities for collaboration or have ideas of how we can foster positive change in the industry together, feel free to reach out! 

Making our mark in the CMS World

For this 2022 report, we will dive into how we’ve made an impact in the following areas:

  • Clients and Umbraco Partners 
  • The Umbraco Community
  • The Planet
  • People

A deeper dive into our Carbon Neutral Journey 

In the report, you’ll discover that we have embarked on a Carbon Neutral journey. The report reveals the key numbers and initiatives from 2022. But if you’re curious about this topic and want to dive deeper into the numbers and what exactly we have done to reduce and offset our emissions, as well as insights into our initiatives for the future, then we invite you to join our webinar on June 22nd at 1 PM UTC “Our Journey toward Carbon Neutrality”. 


I hope you’ll find the report an inspiring and enjoyable read - you might even discover something you didn’t know about us. And if you have any questions about what you read, please feel free to reach out to us. 


Download the Umbraco 2022 Impact Report now


Kim Sneum Madsen. 
CEO at Umbraco 


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