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Umbraco New Year's Status 2022

Kim Sneum Madsen (1)
Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

First of all - Happy New Year to all and thank you for making 2021 a good Umbraco year. Without partners, customers and community there is no Umbraco. This blog post will describe the direction Umbraco will take in the coming years starting out with Mission, Vision, and Values.

Mission - Vision - Values

Following the transaction by Monterro in August 2021, we have revisited our direction going into the coming years. I would like to share with you the result of our reflections.

Our Mission stands as is:

We help you deliver delightful digital experiences by making Umbraco Simpler, Friendly, and Social.

We find that this mission is the raison d'etre for Umbraco also for the coming years.

Moving on to Values, we also believe that these are still relevant and valid. So we continue by being guided by Trust, Respect, Open, Hungry and Friendly in the future.

However, our Vision needs to be changed as the world around us has changed. An important element of a vision is that both internal, as well as external stakeholders, can see the lighthouses we are navigating towards. Our new vision is as follows and will be what we strive to move towards over the next years:

Vision, 2022-2027:

  • That Umbraco Cloud, including a strong headless offering, is the preferred CMS for partners and mid-market to lower enterprise customers by continuing to be #1 in editing experience and the most loved CMS by developers 

  • That we enable customers and partners to compose their preferred tech stack by simplifying integrations - Composable DXP

  • That we continue developing and innovating Umbraco CMS together with a growing and thriving Umbraco Community ensuring true outside-in perspective, resulting in us having more than 2 million websites running on Umbraco

  • That the Umbraco organization has global coverage (24/7/365) with national/regional offices covering our key markets

We believe that customers, community, and staff, one way or another, can see themselves in this. As per usual, I’m happy to discuss & elaborate during MVP Connect, Partner summits, and Office Hours.

Key goals for 2022

Where the vision has an outlook to 2027 I will here try to set some goals for 2022 that we want to achieve. Again, I have to pick amongst many candidates as we have many things on our plate for 2022.

  • Continued revenue growth of 25% in order to keep funding our many activities.

  • In order to focus our work on the new vision, we have retired Umbraco TV as a subscription product. We will still provide tutorials to help people learn and use Umbraco in order to help flatten the learning curve - for free. 

  • On the product and service side of things we want to:
    • Solidify Heartcore as an offering in the headless market 
    • Ensure that Umbraco Cloud is the best place to host Umbraco, including a US datacenter
    • Continue to innovate and develop the CMS together with the community

  • Introduce Composable DXP - building a tech ecosystem around Umbraco.

  • Grow and expand community activities including, but not limited to, building a US-based community, and having the biggest Codegarden ever.

  • Increase our marketing and communication efforts towards CMO’s. Generating leads for both agencies and direct customers.

  • Have a solid local/regional organization in our key markets US, UK, Nordics, and the Netherlands.

So please stay tuned for Summits, Codegarden, Office Hours, Product Updates, newsletters, etc. where we will inform you about the progress of our work throughout the year.

And join the upcoming Umbraco New Year’s Reception on Monday, January 10th at 2 PM UTC, where I, along with CTO Filip Bech-Larsen and special guests will take you through the big happenings of 2021 as well as look into what 2022 awaits for Umbraco. Register for free now and see you Monday.

All the best to you and your family for 2022,

Kim Sneum Madsen, CEO and Chief Friend Maker at Umbraco 

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