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Annual price changes 2022

Annual price changes 2022

Kim Sneum Madsen (1)
Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

As part of our annual price review, we are updating the prices for a range of products and services. The changes are mainly based on price indexing and something we evaluate every year. The changes are active from 2022 for both new and existing customers - get the full overview here:

Umbraco TV - free from today!

From today, you no longer need to pay or log in to watch all of the video tutorials on Umbraco TV. We want to lower the barrier of entry to Umbraco and hereby hopefully welcome more Umbraco users in the future. 

Going forwards, new free Umbraco tutorials will be found on YouTube - more on this in an upcoming blog post.

Current paying Umbraco TV subscribers have been notified via email and their payment has been canceled as of today.


Gold Partners: Current price: €12500 yearly/ €1150 monthly,
2022 price: €12900/yearly, €1190/monthly 

The price for the Gold Partnership was last changed in January 2020.

No price changes for the Certified Partnership or the Tech partnerships. The Registered Partnership remains free. 

Umbraco Cloud and Uno

Umbraco Cloud and Uno follow the same price structure. This means that: 

Starter Plan: Current price: €30, 2022 price: €32

Standard Plan: Current price: €185, 2022 price: €199

Pro Current Plan: Current price: €500, 2022 price: €535

The price for Umbraco Cloud was last changed in January 2020 (for existing Cloud customers with projects created prior to 2020, the change came into effect from July 2020 due to the “Sharing is caring” Corona extension on this price change). 

No price changes for any of the Umbraco Heartcore plans.

For existing customers, the 2022 pricing will come into effect from your first 2022 invoice. An email with this information has been sent out to our subscription customers. 

Umbraco Forms, Courier and Deploy On-premises

Umbraco Forms: Current price: €189, 2022 price: €209 (this only affects new buyers)

The price for Forms was last changed in January 2020. 

Courier: From 2022, it will no longer be possible to purchase Umbraco Courier. Courier will officially face EOL in March 2022. 

Umbraco Deploy On-premises: The pricing for Umbraco Deploy on-premises won’t change - however, the 50% 2021 introductory discount on the product will no longer be available from 2022. Take advantage of the 2021 deal now. 

Umbraco Training

All 1-day certification courses: Current price: €1000, 2022 price: €1050

The price for training was last changed in January 2019. 

This also means that the Umbraco Fundamentals course will go down from €1200 to €1050, the same price as the other 1-day certification courses. The Accessibility course and the Content Management course will keep their current price at €350. 


Certified Master Bundle: Current price: €4960, 2022 price: €5880

From 2022, a new certification structure will come into effect, which means that becoming an Umbraco Certified Master requires a total number of 7 certification courses. With this new bundle, you not only save 20% but you also get yourself a future-proof certification that’ll make it faster and cheaper for you to renew your certification title in the future. Learn more about the future certification structure here. 

Umbraco Support plans 

There are no price changes to any of the Umbraco Support plans.

All new prices will come into effect and will be updated on umbraco.com, from January 1st, 2022. 

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