Thursday, August 3, 2017

Umbraco 7.7 Beta - Beautiful User Management is now a thing!

 Here’s a video that goes through it all:

But there’s even more

In addition to greater user management and lots of bug fixes, we’ve also managed to add a couple of other great features, details will come in future blog posts:

  • Content Templates (previously called Blueprints). Think of it as default content, where an editor can now select pre-defined content as a part of creating new Content Nodes. Super easy to use and support for all property editors - including 3rd party ones.
  • ISearchableTree. Much less technical than it sounds, it now enables search throughout sections from the main search bar. This means that your search - given you have the right permissions - now searches for content, media, types, etc all at once, making it super fast to navigate even large sites.
  • New Starter Kit. While it’s been demoed several times over the last year, the successor to Fanoe is finally here, showing you a best practice implementation to quickly get new Umbraco people up to speed as well as being a great baseline for demos of Umbraco.
  • Nested Content. The most popular package is now finally in the core - big thank you to the Umco people for their contribution.


So what are you waiting for? Try it today and make sure to give us feedback on bugs or ideas for improvements!

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