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Umbraco Awards 2022 Winners

Martin Wülser Larsen
Written by Martin Wülser

Another year full of amazing Umbraco projects, and another fabulous Umbraco Awards show - finally in person, after 3 whole years!  We’ve been blown away by the quality, beauty, and breadth of the entries this year, and we’re thrilled to cast the spotlight on 11 incredible Umbraco solutions that have been built since June 2021 🏆 Check out the winners 👇

The Umbraco Awards show is our way of sending love back to the people who use Umbraco in truly impressive ways. It’s our way of giving credit, where credit is due 👏 

That’s why, every year, we celebrate the amazing Umbraco solutions that have been built since the previous year’s Codegarden. We want to recognize the community and partners for the best solutions in and around Umbraco and showcase these as inspiration for others 🚀 So if you are looking for inspiration or just want to see the best solutions, apps, and tech that the Umbraco community has come up with over the last 12 months, get ready to be amazed!


And the Umbraco Awards 2022 go to...🥁

Best Cloud Solution 

Gorm Agency with Pihl Koncernen 


The Jury said:

''Brilliant way to utilize Umbraco Cloud's Baseline feature to create a multisite solution along with a contemporary design and well-executed animations. Beautifully designed and implemented design system reused across multiple sites. Well done!''


See all the nominees: Toxic Interactive Solutions AB with Jönköpings Södra’s new website, and League Digital with the site for Connected Conservation Foundation 



Best Custom Solution 

Bump Digital & Granite Digital with the platform Farmers Market


The Jury said:

''This is a highly customized, powerful website that puts dealers in the driver's seat. The number of integrations and customized features on this site stands apart from many other entries. It's evident how much time and effort has gone into this website to make it perform for the customer, dealers, farmers, and community. This team certainly pushed boundaries in what looks like a very complex project in a sector/community that really needs this kind of innovation. From the client testimonial, it's clear the solution took away a lot of headaches and even helped save money - well done to you all!''


See all the nominees: Durable Digital with the National Police Funding Database, and Novaware with the Qlup Scan-app



Best Designed Site

Durable Digital with the National Police Funding Database


The Jury said:

''Data can be boring, but this site presents a stunning amount of data clearly, quickly, and beautifully. Its straightforward but simple design elements like the striped drop shadow tie the sections of the site together and add to the cohesive feel of this site. Presenting data in a colorful, infographic-like format makes the content-heavy site light and cheery on a site with a serious topic.''


See all the nominees: true with the site for the animation studio Aardman, and Bazooka with the site for the Swedish theater Dramaten



Best Editing Experience

Emergent Software with their Kalahari Resorts Website Rebuild


The Jury said:

''This site gives the editors full control over components on the page with easily customizable areas that you can preview as they are created. The customizable e-commerce section gives authors finely tuned options for each location and full control over each product. Great use of multi-location and on-screen editing to create a user-friendly editor experience. Well done!''


See all the nominees: Novicell with Harneys - Consolidated Websites, and Durable Digital with the National Police Funding Database



Best Education Sector Solution

Dwarf with the Learning Through Play - Content Hub


The Jury said:

''Great design and layout provide a playful and engaging platform for an important message. Excellent UX!''

See all the nominees: ETCH with The Big Bang - bringing learning to life, and Toxic Interactive Solutions AB with Balthazar’s new updated website


Best Healthcare Solution

Vettvangur with their information and service website for Heilsuvera


The Jury said:

''What an amazing project - certainly a turning point in health services in Iceland in the shape of a central online healthcare record. This entry clearly explained the aim of the website, the functionality as well as, very importantly, results and uptake. The design is clean and supports the purpose of the site, and looks easy to navigate. The versatile and extensive use of taxonomy creates a dynamic and intuitive way to browse a large amount of content. Great work!''


See all the nominees: House of Comms with the Mubadala Health Digital Transformation Project, and CTI Digital with their Franchised multi-site Umbraco platform designed to support home care to those who need it



Best Professional Services Sector Solution

Bluegrass Digital with the Petrofac Corporate Website


The Jury said:

''A truly complex project, which hit the objectives set out. The website's look and feel compliments Petrofac's expertise, legacy, and positioning very well. Despite the rather rich and varied content, it seems like the editor has really good control and ease to create/edit. The investors' section looks fantastic - well done!''


See all the nominees: Dwarf with their Fodboldklub-as-a-service solution, and Tangent with their project for Egis – Consolidating a sprawling digital estate into one global platform



Best Public Sector Solution

Jaywing with the site: Welcome to Sheffield


The Jury said:

''Modular, dynamic, and visually interesting site showcases the municipality in a contemporary fashion. The editor experience looks intuitive and easily customizable using the design system and templates. For a municipal site, this has character and charm while serving multiple sectors and visitors.''

See all the nominees: Vettvangur with their information and service website for Heilsuvera, and Great State with their MyNavy Progressive Web App


Best Certified Partner Solution

Pixelbuilders with the AG Barr PLC Corporate Website


The Jury said:

''An exciting and different site that is separated from the crowd design-wise and makes good use of the Umbraco platform behind it. Multiple integrations paired with an easy to navigate site, make this entry stand apart. The results since go-live speak for themselves. The team has done a fantastic job!''


See all the nominees: Etch with the site for Sims Hilditch, and Bluegrass Digital with the Petrofac Corporate Website



Best Gold Partner Solution

DEPT® with the site for Mauritshuis Museum


The Jury said:

''Beautiful, striking design with a very unique home page layout. The website refresh captures the essence of the museum and immerses the user in a world of art. Really interesting use of tech to create a multimedia tour via an app as well - makes us want to visit!''


See all the nominees: IMPACT COMMERCE with the site for Selfmade®, and true with the site for the animation studio Aardman



Jury's Choice Award

true with the site for the animation studio Aardman


The Jury said:

''This site is so playful and fun while encompassing the brand. As a user,  you almost feel like you are in an interactive reel with the characters coming alive around you. Well done!''


See all the nominees: ETCH with The Big Bang - bringing learning to life, and IMPACT COMMERCE with the site for Selfmade®



Thank you for your contributions 👏

We want to thank everyone who submitted their solutions for the Umbraco Awards! The solutions were impressive, and the amount of work put into the videos, images, and text describing the solutions has been top-notch. We hope to see even more great submissions for next year’s award show 🙌

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